Chapter 898

James immediately reached out and grabbed Hugo’s wrist

Hugo struggled but could not break free. His face instantly flushed red from embarrassment, and he shouted, “Let go of me, b*stard!”

James let go of him but raised his foot to kick him.

Hugo flew several meters away, and his body was slammed to the ground. He groaned in pain

His compliances were shocked by the scene. Their opponent was too strong

“Why are you guys still standing there? Attack and kill him” Hugo roared from the ground.

The other students quickly returned to their senses and took out their switchblades to scare James.

However, James suddenly dashed toward them.

A few seconds later…

The students were all lying on the ground, shouting in pain

Maxine looked at James with a strange expression and thought, ‘He sure is a great fighter He managed to take so many people down so easily


her gratitude and

moment. You’re Yvette Zook, right?” James stopped

and looked at James with suspicion. “Do you


wonder you’re so good at combat. But, my shoppingmode

personnel had reached out to her and informed her that her brother died during a mission. She was also given a

brother worried about you. He

the young woman in front of him and said, “If you need anything, go ahead and tell

familiar, but she

of astonishment appeared on her face. She

She recognized him.

was the Black Dragon, the commander of the Black Dragon Army! Sol’s War God was standing right in

even watched the live

James nodded.

national hero, the War God! My shoppingmode brother used to talk about you so

walked to him, took out a pen, and lifted her dress, shouting

James found it hilarious.

I’m not

he still took the pen from her and

and the other students that

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