Chapter 40 Impossible To Complete

The drawings were lost? And they had been replaced with some blank sheets of paper? Rupert didn't think that Annabel was capable of making such a stupid mistake, so he was eager to hear her explanation.

But Annabel didn't intend to give any explanation.

Instead, she said with a straight face, "Let's not discuss this problem right now."

Turning to Bernice, Annabel asked, "Is there a backup of the drawings?"

With a disdainful look, Bernice replied, "Don't you know that all our jewelry design drawings are hand-made? How could they have backups? Don't you have the common sense to figure this out?"

Annabel nodded in understanding and asked calmly, "Then how long will it take to redo the drawings?"

"At least two days," Bernice answered unhesitatingly.

"What do you mean by that, Annabel?" Nina demanded, glaring at her.

"Are you thinking of postponing the meeting? And then wait two days for the design department to redo the drawings? You want Mr.McCoy, who came from afar, to wait for two days just so you can make up for your stupid mistake?"

"Who said it would take two days? Just give me an hour," Annabel said calmly.

"An hour? How can that be possible? Didn't you hear Bernice say it would take at least two days?" Nina asked in a haughty tone.

The calm and unhurried expression on Annabel's face really disgusted and irritated her.

Annabel was in serious trouble, yet she was still so calm.

Nina just couldn't stand that confident look on her face! "She needs two days, but it doesn't mean that I need two days too. If she can't do it, that doesn't mean I can't,"

Annabel pointed out confidently.

"It will only take me an hour."

After a brief pause, Annabel turned to Brett and asked, "Mr.McCoy, would you please give us an hour?"


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