Sage was aware that the drug Benjamin had given her had a strong hallucinogenic effect. She heard from Tiana that the drug could cause hallucinations, especially if the person had a strong fixation.

Even though she couldn't remember how she got from the hospital to the hotel, she was vaguely aware that she was dreaming. Sage dreamt that she was still in the psychiatric hospital, waiting for lan to uncover the truth about the arson.

In her dream, he found out the truth and came to see her. He held her and told her he would like her. Sage was so excited that she disregarded her inhibitions and kissed lan. Then, she expressed her desire to take their relationship to the next step.

In her previous life, she was obsessed with this, and with lan. Hence, everything that happened last night was the result of her previous life's hopes and dreams.

If it had been just a regular aphrodisiac, she might have desired him physically, but she would've rejected and resisted him mentally. However, her obsession had become all-consuming because of the hallucinogenic drug, and she had become drawn to him both physically and mentally.

Forget it. There was no point in crying over spilled milk. Plus, there was no way for her to regain her innocence now.

Sage couldn't kill herself over something like that. It was just her bad luck that she encountered a scumbag like Benjamin who subjected her to this ordeal.

plan had succeeded. Even though she didn’t have much feelings

thoroughly satisfied. Sage would just view it as if she had satisfied an obsession from her previous life. She decided not to dwell on it and

night and get upset with him, accuse him of something, and demand an

you can't tell me?" Sage

answered, "Someone at the orphanage was working with Benjamin and secretly obstructed the police from

night, and he's just informed me that Benjamin confessed

was kidnapped by Benjamin?"

had returned to the Joyner residence. He tried to call and check on her, but neither she nor the driver were picking up. He then learned from her grandfather that

further investigation that she had been abducted by Benjamin. Following that, he and his

off casually, Sage knew that it must've taken him a

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