“Don’t kill him so quickly, Mr. Lewis. You’ve got to torture him slowly!” Leyton cried out when he saw that Tommy had arrived. “Are you teaching me what to do?” Tommy’s brows knitted together, and he cut his gaze at the young man. With that mere glance, Leyton was so terrified that he almost peed his pants. He hastily backed away while exclaiming, “No, no! Of course not…” “How dare you speak to Mr. Lewis in such a manner, you b*stard?”


Yoel stepped forward and slapped him hard across the face. Then, he flashed Tommy an apologetic smile and murmured, “My son didn’t know any better, so please don’t take offense at him, Mr. Lewis!” “Let me tell you something, Yoel Scott. Indeed, I owe the Scott family a favor. However, I’m not a servant of your family! I hope you understand that!” Tommy warned in an icy voice. “Yes, of course, I understand that!

You’re an esteemed guest of the Scott family, Mr. Lewis! How could you possibly be a servant?” Yoel was frightened to the point that he broke out in a cold sweat. He shot his son a glare. Leyton had been hurting from his broken arm in the first place, so he presently hung his head low without daring to utter a single word after the slap. Satisfied with Yoel’s attitude, Tommy shifted his gaze back to Jared. “Mr. Lewis, it was only a moment of rashness on Mr. Chance’s part.

he was a tad resentful,” William explained with a cheery smile as he hurriedly moved forward. “Oh, I see!” Tommy nodded, finally understanding why the seemingly ordinary man dared to kick up a fuss at the Scott family’s wedding. Ah, so it turns out that his girlfriend was stolen

a baffled expression, but he soon realized what the man meant. Thus, he explained, “Mr. Chance saved my life, so I’m going to protect him today no matter what!” It was only then that Tommy fully understood the entire matter. In actual fact, this was

 “Look at what a massive commotion you two created out of this trifling matter! You’re both influential figures in Horington, so you should have a care for your image! Since this kid made a scene during the wedding and injured the heir of the Scott family, he can’t be allowed off the hook easily. However, his

didn’t just rely on his fists but also his brains. He could easily make Jared disappear from the face of this world for this trivial matter, but that would offend the Sullivan family in the process. While he wasn’t afraid

vent his anger. With that, the Scott family gets to retain their dignity, and I don’t offend the Sullivan family either. It’s a win-win situation for

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