Chapter 23,A Man Like None Other

Right at that moment, a car was slowly driving past them. One of its windows rolled down, and they saw that it was Jared. He was smiling mischievously while staring at the three of them. “Jared? Isn’t that Jared in the car?” Warrick was the first person to notice that. By then, Sandy and Juliette had also seen him. Sandy was furious when she saw the expression on Jared’s face. “How did that brat enter? Those security guards are useless!”


“Could it be that he’s really a resident here? It was a security guard that was driving them in!” Juliette furrowed her brows in confusion. “And they are driving up the mountain! Could it be their mansion is located at a higher point than yours, Sandy?” Warrick’s eyes were glued onto the car as he saw it travel further up toward the mountain top. “That’s impossible! Jared could never afford it. I know how his family is doing financially.”

Sandy refused to believe what was happening before her eyes because she knew Jared’s financial situation best. “Could it be that the mansion was given to him by the Sullivan family? I’ve heard it from Mr. Sullivan that Jared had saved his life before!” Juliette speculated further. “That could be it!” Warrick nodded. “What sheer luck he’s having! If he didn’t just so happen to have saved Mr. Sullivan’s life, he would’ve died in Glamor Hotel earlier!”

said, “Let’s follow them and see for ourselves!” She was eager to find out if Jared had really gotten himself

car wasn’t stopping yet. “It can’t be. That mansion on the mountain top is worth at least a hundred million. Jared wouldn’t be able to afford it even if his whole family were to slave

to go any further. This is private property.” Jared knew that Sandy and the others were following behind. So when he saw that they were stopped, a cold

bring their luggage into the mansion. Before they left, the captain apologized to Jared again. “Mom, you’ll be staying here with Dad from

her into the mansion. Gary was stunned when he walked into the mansion. He had never seen

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