A Man Like None Other

Chapter 25,A Man Like None Other

Chapter 25,A Man Like None Other

“I’m just kidding!” Josephine chuckled and went into the mansion. Upon hearing that, Jared smiled wryly and followed behind. In fact, he did feel butterflies in his stomach when Josephine teased him. I’m just a commoner compared to her. She’s the daughter of the wealthiest man in Horington! How could I ever live up to that! “Mom, Dad, let me introduce the friend that lent me this mansion. Her name is Josephine Sullivan,” Jared introduced Josephine to his parents after they had gotten inside.

The moment Gary and Hannah heard that Josephine was the owner, they both got up from the couch respectfully. “Hello! Mr. and Mrs. Chance. It’s nice to meet you. Please forgive me for coming empty-handed. I was in a rush,” Josephine said politely. “You’re too kind, Ms. Sullivan. We are so grateful for the mansion you’re willing to lend Jared. I’m afraid that if it weren’t for you, I would never be able to stay in such a luxurious house!”

Hannah exclaimed humbly. “Gary! Go get Ms. Sullivan something to drink!” “All right!” Gary nodded. He was flabbergasted when he saw how beautiful Josephine was. Judging by her clothes and aura, she must be the daughter of someone of high social status. Not only that, she must be from a filthy wealthy family. Otherwise, how could she afford this mansion! If only Gary knew that Josephine was the daughter of William, the richest man in Horington, he would be even more shocked.

went ahead and poured herself a cup of tea. After that, she even helped Gary and Hannah prepare a cup of chamomile tea each. Since it was her house, she knew exactly where everything was. “Mr. and Mrs. Chance, this is chamomile tea. It helps with your digestive systems. It’s good for elderlies!” Josephine said when

can’t see you, I can tell that you’re a beautiful and kind lady! Whoever gets to marry you would be the luckiest man on earth!” Hannah exclaimed in a way that she was hinting at something. Regardless of her status, she must have feelings for Jared. Otherwise, she

do have my flaws! That’s why Jared doesn’t want me. He has even scolded me before!” Josephine was not so gullible as to not see what Hannah was implying. “Oh, is it?” Hannah paused and waved for Josephine to approach her. “Ms. Sullivan, come here and sit with me. Actually, Jared is a good guy. It’s just that he can be as stubborn as a mule sometimes. He got that from his father! If he were ever to scold you again, let me

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