Chapter 290: Holy Mother and Holy Father

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Mother Zhao was crying her eyes out. Many students were moved. Some of them couldn’t stand Qin Sheng and stood up for her.

“Qin Sheng, look at this auntie. It’s not easy for her to raise a student like Zhao Jia. The whole family is depending on Zhao Jia. Do you think you can agree to her?”

“Zhao Jia is indeed quite pitiful. Her family is in the countryside. Although her results aren’t good enough to get into Imperial Capital University, she can still get a good result. Sigh, everything is over now.”

“I also hate Zhao Jia, but who hasn’t done something wrong? Isn’t it good to know that she’s wrong? There’s no need to kill her.”

“Qin Sheng, Auntie is right. Nothing happened to you, so please forgive Zhao Jia.”

“That’s right, Qin Sheng. As a human being, you have to leave a line in everything. It’s better for you not to be stubborn. Helping Zhao Jia is just a matter of words. It’s not that troublesome, right?”


Many students were helping Zhao Jia.

Qin Sheng was being vicious

She was very surprised. Why didn’t she know that there were so many holy mothers and holy fathers in

stand up for Qin Sheng, but Qin Sheng held her

so she wasn’t worried that Qin Sheng would be bullied. Instead, she retreated to the side and watched

the students who were talking the

shrank their necks and couldn’t help

of the female students couldn’t stand Qin Sheng and straightened her neck, “Qin Sheng, did we say anything wrong? Since you’re fine, can’t you

Sheng sneered. “Why don’t you go to the police station and speak up for Zhao Jia

“Will it work if I

Qin Sheng raised his eyebrows and

If you intercede for her, there will be no

Sheng lowered his eyes and sneered. “Don’t forget, Zhao Jia once bullied quite

and her face turned red. No one knew

who were still helping Mother Zhao also

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