Always Been Yours

Always Been Yours Chapter 1064

Chapter 1064 I Missed You So Much

Tessa accepted the flowers with a sweet smile. Timothy also congratulated her and then proceeded to ask with concern, “How are you feeling? Tired?”

“Just a little.” She nodded as her almond-shaped eyes glistened with joy and changed the topic, “Even though it’s tiring, it was worth it.”

Just as she was done speaking, she was suddenly lifted into the air. Since she didn’t expect such a thing to happen, it took her a few seconds before she realized Nicholas had lifted her in a princess carry.

Tessa exclaimed as she hurriedly wrapped her arms around his neck and berated him fondly, “Put me down! Everyone’s looking.”

“You’re tired. I’m bringing you home to rest.” He ignored her half-hearted demands. That made all her female seniors standing around envious.

“Aww. Tessa’s so blessed.” “Seeing them, I feel like my standards for a future boyfriend have just gotten higher.”

A few more were cheering them on. “Tessa, President Sawyer’s worried for you. You should just go with him.” She could feel herself flushing so hard that she probably resembled a tomato due to their good-natured ribbing.

Of course, she also wanted to head back and rest, but there were things she needed to deal with. “Stop. Put me down. There are things I need to handle before we leave.” She patted Nicholas’ arm lightly.

However, he was unrelenting as he refused to put her down. Finally, Sofia walked over from the back and said in a loving voice, “You’re tired. You should rest. Don’t worry about the other stuff. You have your seniors and me here.”

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