Gambling itself is very easy to become addicted, especially after you taste the sweetness, you will get out of control.

People who have no ability to stop will fall into it accidentally.

“Congratulations to both of you for winning. Here, this is the spirit stone you won.”

Huang Yinyin smiled and offered the spirit stone with both hands, with a very enthusiastic attitude.

“I just suppressed the Black Iron Sword and exchanged it for five spiritual stones, right? Then can I redeem it again?” Liu Hongxue asked.

“Of course.”

Huang Yinyin nodded with a smile, and then ordered someone to bring the black iron sword that Liu Hongxue used to bet on.


his hand to stop her and said, “Junior sister, why are you in such a hurry? The gambling has just begun, and the main event is next. If you redeem the sword now After a while,

This…” Liu Hongxue hesitated.

is just picking up money. As long as we win a few more games, the spiritual stones we get will be enough for us to break

to senior brother!” Liu Hongxue smiled,

has ten spiritual stones in her hand. If she redeems the sword, only

even if you win, your income

chose to

long as she wins three more games… no, wins two

spirits, Huang Yinyin was still smiling,

purpose of the customer being


such huge benefits that can be obtained without any effort, and will quickly sink

that the gambler

gamble, then she is sure that these gamblers

the same time,

second round

bet on won

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