BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Book 2

Chapter 25 – Hell And Paradise


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“F*uck me, Lucius.” She closed her eyes and pulled my face into hers, crashing our lips together.

I kissed her back harder as I slid my arm under her neck and hugged her tightly, continuing to devour her lips as my hand placed my hard c*ock into her wet entrance.

Her hand slid down between us, and I felt her part her p*ussy lips, and the excitement in me skyrocketed.

I withdrew from her lips and met her gaze. She was nervous, and her confidence was dwindling, but there was also a glint of excitement in her eyes.

I prodded the head of my c*ock into her p*ussy and it made her swallow before her lips parted.

A wicked smirk tugged at my lips as I pushed my hips forward, making her gasp loudly as half of my throbbing c*ock entered her p*ussy. Her mouth opened wide before her eyes watered.

I felt the stretch of her intimate flesh around my shaft, and although I was only a few seconds in with only half of my d*ick in, I was on the verge of exploding any time. I groaned and grunted as I bucked my hips and harshly slammed in again.

My lust was spiraling out of control, and I knew my pace was speeding up.

And f*uck this! I couldn’t control my movements.

Slow down. Slow the f*uck down!

Her eyes rolled up before she shut them. Her mouth was still parted, and she gave me the assurance she could feel every part of me, giving me the push I needed to continue.

I crushed my lips into her, kissing her bruisingly hard, only to be stopped when she gripped my chest hard, and I could hear my skin tearing.

“Stop! Oh, spirits! Stop!” She was whimpering and shrieking underneath my hold. Her body squirmed for every hard thrust, but I didn’t know how to stop.

My l*ustful demon side was surfacing, and I couldn’t stop it.

I gritted my teeth as my jaw tightened. I could feel my skin changing color as black veins slowly appeared, running from my shoulders down to my hands.

“Red, Patrea. Say red! Or I can’t stop…”

She moaned, her eyes

was feeling ecstasy or pain, if

rested my forehead against hers, our breath fanning against each other’s face and I could feel my eyes burning as if I wanted to cry because I didn’t want

I don’t want to stop…” My voice broke

man. No wonder I was a demon. She wanted

whimpered, louder this time. I couldn’t stop. I kept

Patrea. Red!

cupped my cheeks, and it made my eyes snap open and withdraw

my forehead and dropped onto her nose. I licked it before peppering her face with soft kisses, while I kept mumbling. “You feel so f*ucking good, I don’t

would keep begging if she would allow me

move, meeting my every stroke, and a smile slowly crept into her luscious lips while she continued to stare at

and deeper, making her eyes widen as a gasp left her lips. “Oh, Spirits!

as I captured her lips one more time, kissing

me all colors except red. She wanted me inside her, and it

her tight p*ussy and stopped kissing her while I tried to calm

as her hands crawled to my

need to calm down… just a

nodded her head.

hurting you?” My forehead creased, but my hips began to move again, slowly at first but picking up their

feels perfect… F*uck

my mouth into her breast as I began to ram my c*ock in

hands were scratching my shoulders and my

so closed!” She exclaimed as her legs clamped

your eyes, baby. I want to see you when you come, and I want you to see who owns this p*ussy

I hoped it wouldn’t bring

yours!” She moaned as our

sound formed at the back of my throat at her words,

No! I shouldn’t do that. Or I would kill

shifted our bodies, and in

when she realized she was on top of me, straddling my body as I lay on my back. It was the

she began to

her long hair that was cascading on her face, down to her glistening, wet, and

take long before her clutch on my chest tightened as her toes on the side of my body curled and gripped the sheets while she moaned wantonly and her body began to tremble

p*ussy until she was crying

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