Elliot was having a difficult time not staring at the beauty across from him. Her long honey blonde curls fell about her shoulders, with one dangling delightfully over her left breast. She was wearing a short black skirt that showed off her endlessly long legs. Her flowy top was somewhat sheer and low cut enough to showcase her fantastic tits. Not that he was looking, but let’s face it, they were glorious.

Her top also revealed that Mandy Johnson was pregnant, and far along at that. Elliot had known Ms. Johnson was expecting, his friend Dr. Alan Robert’s had already filled him in on some of the finer details.

While Elliot wasn’t running a charity house, he did have a soft spot in his heart for single mothers. His own had worked three jobs to keep a roof over their heads when Elliot was a child. Once he was one of the most successful billionaires in the city, his mother had worked tirelessly to help other women who were in the same situation.

It wasn’t often to find someone in Elliot’s position that truly knew what hunger and poverty were like. From what Alan had expressed, Mandy needed employment and possibly a place to live. Elliot had almost turned him down. But there had been something in his friend’s tone that had Elliot pausing. He didn’t need anyone currently, and he couldn’t run a successful business helping every sob story that came his way.

Alan insisted that all he had promised was an interview. Rather than bother his secretary, Elliot had texted the girl himself. He had just had an opening on his schedule and knew that he could squeeze in the interview, turn the woman away, and be on with his day.

But all of that went out the window the moment he saw her.

No, it wasn’t just that she was hot as sin, he reasoned.

Then he had to reconsider the thought. His cock had certainly taken notice of the beautiful woman. There was something familiar about the curve of her cheek.

Elliot shook the thought away. It wasn’t likely that he knew this woman. They came from completely different worlds. However, Elliot could have sworn that there was a flash of recognition in her eyes the moment she saw him. Maybe it was wishful thinking? He couldn’t be sure. But one thing was certain. He needed to know more about Mandy Johnson.

Elliot watched as she glanced around his office. He knew what she would see. The floor to ceiling windows, showcasing the city below them. A fireplace on the interior wall with a cream-colored sofa across from it.

Doors leading to a private bathroom with a walk-in closet. One never knew when you would get stuck at the office, and Elliot liked being prepared. A small bedroom that nobody entered except Elliot and the cleaning staff. Which left his massive desk and the two chairs facing it where Mandy currently sat.

Elliot couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was lovely beyond description. He wanted to touch her again. The moment their hands had connected his pulse had raced to life, blood pumping in his veins, his mind sharper and brighter than before.

Whomever this woman was, he wouldn’t let her slip between his fingers.

“Are you feeling better?” Elliot asked after handing her a water bottle and watching her take a long sip of water.

“I’m sorry to bother you, Mr. Brand,” her husky tones had his dick, who was already aware of her allure, hardening in his slacks. “I must have gotten lightheaded.”

He nodded. “I’ve heard that can happen during pregnancy.”

Her eyes shot to his in surprise.

is it?”

just, most people ignore the fact that

mean to offend

she replied with

didn’t think she was aware of just how

up to you and touch

swallowed that thought and said instead,

she winked.


as Elliot’s face broke into a wide smile. That smile was one of the things that had first attracted Mandy to Elliot. Only

her best friend Shay, working a private party downtown. They were serving drinks for a corporate event. Mandy had spent the entire day at her regular job only to race over to the party, slip into the skimpy uniform and black mask, to serve business moguls various alcoholic beverages.

was expensive in the city, and Mandy had often filled in as a cocktail waitress when Shay needed it. Her best friend ran a successful

to clear the past away, Shay’s car accident had been yet another tragic accident

Elliot was saying as he peered closer at Mandy.

that he would remember her from that night. It had only been

others. His gray eyes had caught hers and lingered on her figure. With a saucy smile, Mandy had flirted and teased with Elliot most of the night. It had started as a game, but the heat was palpable between them.

she waited outside. Was it any wonder that things escalated to a point where they were headed for his hotel room? She’d fallen for every smile, every kind word, and his temptingly hot body.

close for a kiss. His firm lips captured hers in a way that no other man ever had. Any resistance that she could have possibly had melted away. Her hands sank into his thick dark hair and it had felt like silk

the night with me,” he had growled against her lips, grinding his thick arousal that had been burning her through her

her up as if she

She hadn’t even known his name when they stumbled into that room. Hands, ripping each

sliding up the cool wood as his cock

was slower, mind-melting as he slid his length into her depths, heedless of her moans

last time she’d been leaving, almost to the door when he caught her arm and bent her over the couch. He had demanded her name, but she wouldn’t give

had been magical, one that she would never forget. Mandy didn’t want to confuse reality with fantasy. Rich men did not fall in love

he fucked her heedlessly over the couch. Mandy had savored every moment, knowing that this had

that it was anything other than a regular Friday night for her tall, handsome lover. And when she kissed him

begged to at least see her home and Mandy hadn’t been strong enough to say no. All the way to her west side apartment that she shared with

name, Beautiful?”

removed her mask all evening. It was better

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