“This is Mrs. Herrington,” Elliot indicated the older woman with sharp blue eyes and weathered skin. “She will help you settle into your rooms.”

Mandy could hardly believe her eyes. Elliot Brand had taken her to Skyridge Estates, only the most exclusive condominiums in the city. From there he gave her the special access code to enter on the keypad of the elevator.

Once the code was entered, the elevator began its climb to the top of the skyscraper. Mr. Brand not only owned the penthouse suite, but he also owned the entire building and most of the buildings surrounding Skyridge Estates.

The top floor had been converted into a sixteen thousand square foot luxury condominium. Mandy was given the east wing which had a bedroom almost as large as the home she’d grown up in and a sitting area that included a large screen television. The couch looked to be made of the softest fabric, and large fluffy pillows in shades of blue rested along its length.

The bedroom had a space that looked to be recently cleaned out. It did nothing to take away from the large sleigh bed and Audubon carpets that covered the hardwood floors.

Robert, the butler, had arranged for her boxes to be brought up from the car. They lay tucked into the corner like rubbish and Mandy couldn’t help the surge of embarrassment that flooded her cheeks.

“Thank you, Mrs. Herrington,” her voice shook slightly.

The older woman raised a white brow, “Whatever are you thanking me for, child?”

Mandy swallowed, “For showing me my rooms.”

It came out as more of a question than an answer. Mrs. Herrington’s mouth flattened into a line. And Mandy felt her stomach sink.

This is a mistake, Mandy thought to herself.

“I have some supper on the stove when you have washed up,” Mrs. Herrington continued as if she hadn’t spoken. “Mr. Brand has work to do and won’t be joining you.”

Mandy raised her eyes to the older woman, “Thank you, Mrs. Herrington. But I’m not hungry.”

The older woman scoffed, “Come now, you’re no bigger than a minute, and you have a babe inside of you. Don’t be selfish, girl.”

Mandy nodded because she wasn’t sure what else she could do.

Silently, she walked into the en-suite bathroom and washed her hands. She tried not to notice the dark circles under her eyes or the baggy sweatshirt that she’d pulled on over her tank top and shorts.

Mandy glanced around at the white marble counters and the large clawfoot tub. It was gorgeous, far beyond anything she’d ever used before.

that this wasn’t meant for her. A shiver of doubt crept up her spine. What if Mr.

of the bathroom and out of her suite of rooms. She followed the path back to the main living area and glanced once at the kitchen before making a direct turn and walking over to

Mandy knocked

with a small towel wrapped around his waist. Small droplets of water were still gathered on his pectoral muscles. Mandy followed one with her eyes as it made

Johnson? Is everything all right?”

Mandy’s throat was dryer than the Sahara Desert, and she couldn’t seem to find

felt the heat from her stare. She was by far the loveliest woman he had ever seen. And if he allowed her perusal to continue much longer, she would be very much aware

huskier this time, and she snapped her eyes to his.

shade of pink tinged her

“I’m sorry. I can’t do

to the space

Elliot felt his gut clench, “Has someone

head, “No, it is only that this is

as he saw the look of fear and remorse in them. He tipped her

 his light touch and she remembered him touching her other places. A soft moan escaped her lips as her blue eyes blinked open.

cock hardened fully at the sound escaping her lips. It was almost familiar, and

he ground out.


hurried to say, “And you made a

frown deepened.

that you would give this a trial run,” he pressed, “Are you not going to honor your


her chin go. “Give me

that her stomach made

Elliot’s lips twitched, “We will have to do something about

without closing the door. His muscled back and tight ass made him delectable coming and going. She really needed some water. Mandy was sure that he was trying to burn her up

tone of disapproval

in horror, realizing that this had to look bad.

“I told you that Mr. Brand had

in a pair of gray track pants and a black V-neck tee-shirt that fit him like a glove.

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