“You took a PA? Why in the hell would you need a live-in PA?”

Nate had been Elliot’s best friend for as long as he could remember. And on days like this one, Elliot was sure it had been too long.

He ran a hand down his face and spoke quietly into his phone. Not that Mandy could possibly see him, she was swimming laps in the pool.

He had never in his life found pregnant women sexy. Sure, some beautiful women had babies. But he had never seen an expectant mother on the street and thought ‘man I’d like to hit that.’

Until her.

Mandy had been living in his home for four days. And in that amount of time, Elliot had to rub one out in the office and beat another two off in the shower. He felt like a little kid instead of the grown ass man that he knew himself to be.

“Look, Nate, I don’t want to talk about it. I just want you to spread the word before you, and the boys get here for poker tonight. I don’t want anyone hitting on her or making her feel uncomfortable.”

There was a long pause, some might call it a pregnant pause—but Elliot was rather sensitive to that word lately.

“Who the fuck, are you?”

Elliot wanted to kill Nate, but his questions continued, “Is this a joke? You’re shitting me, right?”

“Nate, have you ever known me to joke around?” Elliot’s sounded dangerous even to his own ears.

More silence.

“No, you have a shitty sense of humor most of the time,” Nate replied like a man confident in his best friend status.

Elliot’s lips curved involuntarily, “Well, there you go.”

“Is she beautiful? Have you fallen for her? I can’t believe that Mrs. H let another woman move in on her turf. Hell, you don’t even bring girls home to fuck them, you get a hotel room.”

Elliot felt his cheeks flush, “Just do it, fuck-head, I will see you tonight.”

He hung up the phone just as Mandy started up the steps out of the pool. She was wearing a black bikini, and her belly was small and round. He felt an insane urge to touch it.

Elliot wondered if Nate might be right, perhaps he had lost his shit.

she saw him, “Elliot! I’m sorry, did you need me?”

 certainly wouldn’t

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of childcare at the site but hadn’t had the time to meet with Charles, the VP

this type of benefit would be crucial to Mandy, it was a perfect fit. She was

working out and Elliot found himself admitting the whole affair to his older

Elliot knew every time he looked into those dark blue eyes, that there was something special about this girl. And so, he took

 fluffy towel and used it to cover his growing cock as he walked over to her and

throat of the huskiness. “Some guys are coming by tonight. It is my Thursday night poker group. You

towel around her body feeling like a whale in front of her handsome boss. The way his dark hair stood in sexy disarray she knew he had been

to touch the dark locks because she knew just how silky they were.

“Um, poker night sounds fun. Can I do anything to prepare

was higher than normal, and she hated that she couldn’t relax around Elliot. He had been nothing but generous and

“We have everything covered. The guys will bring some cases

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her flip-flops. Granted, she’d only wanted to steady herself, and it had been an unconscious move.

had stilled his gaze glued to where she was touching him.

pulled her fingers back as if she

Elliot’s gaze lazily came up to meet hers, but

of her back to walk her to the elevator back

hand through the thick terry cloth towel. Her core felt achy, and she was worried that the dampness growing

the way,” she rambled, a habit that Mandy tended to fall into when she was nervous. “There isn’t any reason for me to leave my room. I mean, I can get dinner before they arrive, and

escaped her lips, the more she wanted to climb underneath the nearest lawn

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 huge lump in her throat, “That I

unless that is what you want to do. But I’m sure that Dr. Roberts would love to say hello if you feel

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