Chapter 960 Give Me a Son

“It was prepared a long time ago. It’s just that I’ve kept it with me and had never taken it out before,” said Toby while he adjusted the necklace so that the ruby would be at the center of her collarbones. After he was satisfied with the arrangement, he withdrew his hand and nodded in satisfaction. “Looks good. I knew that the necklace I chose would be good.”

“It’s fine to compliment the necklace, but why did you have to compliment yourself as well?” Sonia laughed in amusement. Toby gently stroked her hair. “Since I have a good eye for beauty, it’s fine to be boastful about it.”

“Sure, sure. My man here has the best eye for beauty. Are you happy now?” Sonia laughed while shaking her head before she asked, “You said that you’ve prepared it a long time ago. Was it for the sake of matching my dress today?”

The ruby on the necklace was at least fifty carats, whereas the secondary small gemstones were around ten carats. Even the rest of the small ordinary diamonds were at one carat each.

For such a luxurious necklace, it was obvious that it was not intended for daily wear, but it was intended to be worn to match a dress for when one attended a formal event. Hence, it was natural to assume that it was unlikely for Toby to have prepared this necklace for Sonia to wear daily. The only possibility left that came to Sonia’s mind was for the necklace to match the dress she was wearing. After all, the dress was red in color, which was the same color as the ruby. No matter how you sliced it, it would be a perfect match.

Just as Sonia suspected, Toby nodded in affirmation. “Yes, I know you used to have many kinds of jewelry, but you sold them all for the sake of Paradigm Co. Now, the only pieces of jewelry you have now are just ordinary ones that wouldn’t be able to match the dress, so I took the liberty to prepare you this necklace.”

Sonia lowered her head while touching the necklace around her neck. “This is the second time you’ve given me jewelry. Is this a keepsake of your mother as well?”

The first time he gave her jewelry was for a dinner party as well. Just like Toby said, the only jewelry she had right now after she sold most of them for the sake of Paradigm Co. was mere ordinary ones that would most definitely not match the red dress she donned. She would be the laughingstock should she try matching the dress with the jewelry she had on hand. Hence, she had accepted the first time, but did eventually return the jewelry to him, as they still hadn’t made up at that point in time.

part of her dowry. My father had specifically bought this necklace for my mother when they got married. The Johann Family did prepare a dowry during my parents’ marriage, but most of the bulk was prepared by the Fuller Family. This necklace here was one of the ones my family

rolled her eyes. “What nonsense are you spouting now? Why would they be

left by your mother-in-law?” He looked at her with a Duchenne smile. “Not to mention, these pieces of jewelry were originally given to my mother, as she was the daughter-in-law of the Fuller Family. In

about their son having a wife in the future. This man’s really getting ahead of himself. The next thing you know, he

“You’re getting carried away by the second. We’re not even married, yet you have already planned for your future son’s marriage. Not to mention, who would want to give

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ones that would be like their fathers? Usually, the son would follow their

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However, who I truly wish to protect is only you. After all, you are much, much more important than my children, so much so that I would not hesitate in sacrificing my children in

since it’s still early to talk about it. You should know that I’m still in the middle of my treatment. It would be impossible for you to even catch a glimpse of your

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