Chapter 5,Boss, Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce, Again!

After bidding goodbye to Charles and Carl, Sonia returned to her father’s old house. There was dust everywhere in the house, which meant it had not been cleaned for a long time. Immediately, Sonia put on her apron and began to clean up. From under the sofa, she found a wedding photo with Toby.

In the photo, she was smiling like a flower; meanwhile, Toby, who was standing next to her, was indifferent, with impatience between his eyebrows. There was also her diary placed next to it. The diary recorded what Toby liked to eat, use, and a list of his hobbies. Previously, her life revolved around Toby. She tried hard to manage this hard-won marriage, but the reality gave her a resounding slap.

Thinking of this, Sonia raised her head and forced herself to hold back her tears. In the next second, a message alert rang out, and when she picked it up, she found out Carl had sent it. ‘Sonia, you helped me six years ago, and now, I will help you. Let go of your past and do anything you want. I will be your backer.’

Warmth enveloped Sonia’s heart as she read it. Although she knew Carl said it out of good-will and simply wanted to repay her, she didn’t want to rely on anyone anymore. Since marrying Toby, she had put away all her temperament and personality in order to be a good wife; she almost forgot how cool and carefree she used to be.

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