Chapter 10,Boss, Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Carl nodded at Zane politely. Then, facing Sonia, the corners of his lips were slightly raised. “I heard from Charles that you took dance lessons before. Could you teach me?” Sonia was in an unexpectedly good mood. “Not a problem.” Hence, the two went onto the dance floor hand-in-hand.

As Zane came back to his senses, he shook his head again and sighed. “This male model is something else, huh?” After all, Carl was a model, so he could learn to dance with ease. He had asked the DJ to change the color of the lighting a long time ago, and the two danced in-sync on the star-lit stage. Meanwhile, Charles whistled while drinking.

It had been years since Sonia last danced; her heel was unstable at the last move, and she fell all of a sudden. Carl was quick as he placed his big hands on her back to support her. With that, he fished her whole body into his arms. Sonia pressed close to him. At this moment, she could vaguely hear his heart beating rapidly.

was what Toby saw when he came in. The woman, who was usually gentle and dignified, was now lying in the arms of another man, like a charming and sexy minx. Toby’s

mirror opposite her. Nevertheless, she smiled as if she didn’t see him and tugged the messy hair behind her

and raised his eyelids. From Toby’s point of view, this was obviously a provocation. “Sonia Reed, stop right there!” Sonia halted with her back facing him. She turned around, and the corner of her lips raised into a shallow arc. “Why did you come, Mr. Fuller? If I remember correctly, you


Fuller family still has to take care of our reputation.” Sonia was amused by what he said. “Well, even so, it’s not your place to lecture me. Besides, who I am with does not have anything to do

Mrs. Fuller is back?” “Well, not only that—she wants to see you.” Toby twitched his lips coldly and glanced at Carl behind her. With a sarcastic tone, he said, “Of course,

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