Chapter 12,Boss, Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce, Again!

The next day, Toby sat by his desk with the red divorce certificate still sitting on the desk. After looking at it for a while, he threw it in the trash can. Right then, Tom stepped forward and respectfully said, “Sir, Chairman Gray of Triforce Enterprise is on the phone.” Tina’s father? At once, Toby sorted out his emotions and took the call. “Uncle Gray.” A middle-aged man with a hoarse voice spoke. “Toby, is Tina being good in your house these days?

I haven’t had time to see her recently. It’s always my wife who’s been accompanying her to relieve her boredom these days. I’m still afraid that she’ll have complaints.” Toby’s voice was steady. “Uncle, rest assured. Tina is recovering well these days, and my mother has been accompanying her often as well.”

“Oh, that’s great, then.” Titus couldn’t help but pry. “I heard some news saying that Tina’s car accident six years ago was related to your ex-wife. Yesterday, Tina’s mother went to visit Tina and asked her a little bit about it, but Tina has been avoiding the topic all along. Toby, do you know what happened?”

Hearing this, Toby was startled. He pressed his lips tightly and didn’t speak immediately. “Toby, are you listening?” After a while, Toby frowned. “That car accident… did have something to do with Sonia Reed.” Titus said with a long heart, “You also know that Tina is my only baby. The car accident six years ago almost broke me and my wife.

how deep her love for you is. I know you can differentiate who is

Tina.” After he hung up the phone, Toby pondered for a moment. After a long time, he called Tom in. “Help me with something.” …… Meanwhile, Sonia, Carl, and Charles came out of the


your way, Carl. Haha!” Sonia couldn’t help but curl her lips as well. “Well, those people have had strong opinions about me ever since the fund theft case six years ago, so naturally, they would not easily accept

very effective, rendering them completely speechless!” She never asked Carl how he and her grandpa met, nor had she asked him


 Grandpa gave up so much to get 51% of the shares, so I must use them to strengthen my position in Paradigm Co. and thoroughly investigate the truth of what happened six years ago. As for the Gray

one step at a time, she thought. “Oh, baby, you are a person of status now. You can’t be dressing sloppily, and you most definitely can’t let others look down on you. Let’s

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