Chapter 36

“She is definitely something to be able to hang out with Melody Stryder.” Rebecca shot a glance at the woman next to Tina as she quietly explained, “Melody is the granddaughter of one of the ministers in Norfolk who has just retired-Mr. Stryder. If you can hang out with her, you don’t have to worry about your connections.”

Sonia had seldom mingled in society

before this, so she did not know many

people in the business circle, let alone


folks from another city. No wonder Tina

has drastically lowered her stance.


Tina’s background was nothing to a figure

like Melody

“Oh, so you’re President Fuller’s ex-wife?”

Melody shot a disdainful glance at Sonia without a slightest trace of respect at all. “Since we have all met each other, let’s have a few rounds of games together. Are you willing to join us?”

Let alone poker, Sonia did not even want to

talk to Tina

However, Sonia had learned how to read

people’s facial expressions after suffering in Jean’s hands over the years. As soon as Melody started speaking, she knew that this was not a person whom she could


“Of course. The person we are waiting for is only arriving at 10:00 PM.”Sonia was

well aware that she was nothing at this

moment. Hence, she did not want to be in

a situation where she was bullied by

Melody just because she had annoyed Melody. I’m not good at poker, though. I hope you don’t mind.”

Melody merely shorted before she left in her high heels.

“Don’t worry. It’s just for passing the time.” It was only after Melody left that Tina

dared to speak. “If you really can’t play,

we’ll go easy on you.”

Tina had learned from her friends that

Sonia lost hundreds of thousands when

she played poker with Mr. King from


According to the waiter, Sonia was just a

beginner who could not even play poker.

I’m definitely taking my revenge for the

annor felt at the match etara in the

anger i felt at the watch store in the afternoon!

Sonia smiled. “Thanks, Miss Gray.”

While walking with Sonia to the private

room, Rebecca asked quietly, “President

Reed, are you really bad at poker? Why

didn’t you reject them? I think she thinks of

you as an enemy. What if she lays a trap for you while you are playing with them?”

“She already laid the trap when we met

earlier. Melody is obvious on Tina’s side.

Even if she lays a trap later, I have to

knowingly walk into it.”

Rebecca shot her a glance. “Oh! You are

too miserable!”

them entered the private room, they walked to a table for poker and quickly started the game after

to play poker, but she quickly searched for some tutorials and knew the

Sonia playing again, she

see the scene that

 to take

seeing how Sonia lost to both

Rebecca for two consecutive

smile appeared on

Reed, do you have

waist with the

“It’s the abbreviation

Toby’s name, isn’t it?*

card, but she

to Tina

of his name on your body even after you guys have divorced. Why don’t we bet on the game?


is over the top. It’s President Reed’s

choose whatever tattoo she



obviously bullying her.”

Reed hasn’t even started

interjecting7” Melody pouted

in anger

Sonia stopped

Sonia smiled

and calmness

would you do if you

Miss Gray?”

at the cards that

replied firmly, “If I lose, I

well as

return again. If you think I’m

I can ask someone else to teach

can start our bet once

learned how to play.”

I’m pretty

planning to have this bet with me?


here is our

be the one to win two out of three rounds.” With that, Sonia played a card that

odds of winning

Tina looked at the

looked vindictive.

winning this round!


moment that the first round

when Rebecca knew Sonia

she saw


no longer

sighed, “I

go out and

the private room, she headed for the public restroom.

toilet cubicle,

bag and lit it.

moment, her phone rang.

“What are you doing?”

 a club watching my boss playing poker with someone else,” she responded

coming over?”

to look for

really think you


He deserves it!

his wife and hic

son and wants to make it up to him. Then, he asked us to find that son of his! You better advise that old man to die

to death because

amount of money. My leg was almost broken by them the last


them in this


you dead, you have to

you curse your


took a puff of smoke


I won’t

young master’s men have already gone to Seaview. You better

the information about the Stryder Family in

your time with small

young master. I’ll


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