Can’t Win Me Back

Chapter 2084

The Taylors, when deeply in love, loved with all their heart.

But when they wanted to appear heartless, they could act the part flawlessly.

When Liam frostily uttered those words, it felt like a piece of flesh was being cut away from him.

Not only that, it also felt like his wounded heart was being wrenched unsparingly.

"Liam..." Yuliana, wrapped in his military uniform, shivered uncontrollably.

Her shocked stares could burn holes into him.

"Are you leaving me?" She seemed like a talented supporting actress, perfectly embodying her role in his charade.

Tears streamed down her face when she asked that question, dripping onto the bedsheets.

Liam's chest tightened.

He couldn't bear to look at her anymore.

If only her feelings weren't genuine.

If only she were there merely to seduce him.

But no.

Here she was, pouring out her heart, raw and genuine.

Every tear, every word, spoke the truth.

"Have you forgotten? Have you forgotten everything we did in the palace? You risked your life by climbing over a wall to see me in my chambers.

your—" "Your Highness, it's true that I've kissed you and held you in

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that you like me only in that way? "I don't care even if you like me because of my body! I want to be with you! No matter what, I just want to be with you." She cried as she pleaded with him for his

about her noble status or her image

that I was your first." Liam curled his

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