Captivation: Want Nothing But You

Chapter 35: Just Luck 

"What did you say?" A wide-eyed Alice snatched the examination paper from the interviewer’s hand, looked at the marks at the top in disbelief.

"That’s impossible.You must be mistaken! Full marks?" she muttered more to herself than the man across her.

"Miss Jenkins, these are Mr.Sullivan’s answers.We have checked many times.These here are exactly the same with Miss Bennet’s answers." The interviewer looked dumbfounded too but the truth could not be denied.

Alice’s eyes squinted in hatred.She couldn’t help clenching the paper in her hand, wanting nothing more than to tear the damned thing in pieces.

How could this be? Not one single person had managed to answer even one of these questions in the past five years.

How could a stupid girl like Rachel get them all right? This was unheard of! Rachel turned to the interviewers.  

“Is my interview over now?" she asked with a smirk.

The people before her were still in a daze, but Rachel’s voice snapped them out of it.

"Yes, it’s over," they said in unison, nodding.

"Did I pass?" Rachel was still smiling as she looked at the interviewers with raised eyebrows.

"Well… yes, Miss Bennet.You did," one of the interviewers answered after swallowing hard.

"You need to come by tomorrow to sign the paperwork," he added.

"Great. I will see you tomorrow then,"

Rachel stood up with a smile glancing sideways at Alice.She started walking towards the door, but when she passed by Alice, she stopped and turned to look at her.

"Alice, it’s not over between us.I will get revenge, even if it takes a long, long time."

Alice looked up ready to retort, but when she saw Rachel’s smiling face, so in contrast with her cold, dark eyes, she seemed at a loss for words.

Under that piercing gaze, she felt a shiver run down her spine.

Trying to look braver than she felt, she finally managed a retort.

"Oh, Rachel, don’t be so smug! So what if you are now an employee of the Sullivan Group? You may get yourself in, but it is still in my power to kick you out with a snap of my fingers."

Rachel rolled her eyes and chuckled.

Alice’s smile was wiped clean off her face, as she couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread at her opponent’s carefree attitude.

Rachel had changed so much that Alice didn’t know what she may try next. Rachel nodded to the interviewers, ignoring Alice altogether, and left the Sullivan Group’s building .

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