Captivation: Want Nothing But You

Chapter 33: The Loser’s Interview With The Sullivan Group 

Moments later, the call connected.

"When did you have the time to call so early in the morning, Mr.Sullivan? Have pigs begun to fly? Oh, if so, I must hurry outside and see such a miraculous thing happen!" said the man on the other line.

"I heard your old man is eager to have a grandson? Carson, what would happen if I send your dad a list of all your lovers at this moment? Will he be so delighted that he’ll hold a wedding ceremony for you immediately?" Victor bantered as he fiddled with a pen between his fingers.

"Hey, man! Don’t do that! You’re being mean.I was just kidding.You don’t have to take it so seriously." Carson Shi immediately apologized to Victor.

‘Happy? If my dad finds out that I’m fooling around with a bunch of women, he’s going to break my leg-maybe both!’ Victor slammed his pen on the table, his lips forming a smile.

"I’m just messing with you," he replied.

Upon hearing that, Carson breathed a sigh of relief.

"That’s a brilliant joke."

"Has the King of Hearts been taking orders lately?" asked Victor.

He didn’t have any time to mess around.

"The King of Hearts? Didn’t he disappear three years ago? I tried to place an order with him for a top secret transaction, and I raised my offer to fifty million dollars, but he still flat out refused me!"

Carson pursed his lips and said, "Honestly, I have no idea who that person is, but I think he’s a weirdo."

After hearing Carson’s response, Victor’s eyes fell on the document on the table.

"What’s up? Why did you mention the King of Hearts out of the blue?" 

It didn’t seem like Carson realized what Victor was trying to talk about.

"No reason.Bye."

Right after he said that, Victor dropped the call without waiting for Carson’s response.

Afterwards, Victor contemplated while tapping his fingertips on the table from time to time.

All of a sudden, he started laughing at himself. The King of Hearts was the best hacker the Red Hackers Alliance had ever employed.

Three years ago, he declared that he would no longer be accepting orders publicly.

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