Captivation: Want Nothing But You

Chapter 7: Trespassing 

Jack hadn't spoken a word since Rachel came in.And now, the first sentence he said to her were to make her stop.

Upon hearing that, Rachel looked at him with a sneer.

Moments ago, when Alice threw that vase at her, Rachel noticed that Jack wanted to stop Alice, but eventually he sat back down and did nothing.

But when the vase hit Alice, making her knock down the shelf by accident, he stood up faster than everyone else.

He rushed to Alice's side, shielding her from the falling glass bottles.

As a matter of fact, when Rachel was on her way here, she recollected every memory she had of the past.

Everything happened so fast and was so overwhelming, so she thought she might've forgotten something nice about Jack.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't remember anything good her father had ever done for her.

Both Jack's words and actions just now confirmed her point.

"Dad, I just have some questions to ask the police officers.Why are you so nervous?"


After hearing what Caroline said earlier, the policemen felt that Rachel was looking to cause trouble.

One of them asked impatiently, "What is it?"

Rachel looked at him, smiling and looking so pure.

When the policeman saw her innocent smile and charming eyes, he began to doubt whether she had really hurt someone.

"Sir, does the owner of a house have the right to allow and prohibit anyone to enter their house?" Rachel spoke unhurriedly.

The sound of her voice sounded like music to their ears.

"Of course."

The policeman frowned because he found the question meaningless.

"What if someone is living in a house, but the owner has never agreed to letting them live there? Is it called trespassing? Should the owner call the police on these people?"

Rachel blinked innocently.

of course, the owner should call the police.Why are you asking such questions with obvious answers? It's a complete


you for your answer, sir.In that case, please help me drive

Everyone was dumbfounded.

to realize what Rachel was

this.If you have any grievances and complaints, just let me know and I promise you we'll adjust our behaviors accordingly.And as for what happened this time, I'll ask Alice

don't worry, Caroline.I'm not gonna forget about what Alice has done, but she'll have to wait her turn,

get to finish talking, and it got on

point, Alice lost

out of here! If there's someone that should be driven away, it

family a long time ago.Weren't you just talking about trespassing? Well, that woman is trespassing in our house! You should

owns this house, and Rachel is your sister.Your father has not made a decision yet, you

to stop her daughter


injured! The second she got here, she has been plotting to drive us out

trying to suppress his anger since

his wife, and daughter being pushed around,

out of my house! You're not welcome

rang in

felt a pang in her heart, and for a second, she was almost overwhelmed

bit strange to her at

even begin to think about it, Alice reached out to grab her wrist, intending to drag her out of the

Rachel's eyes darkened.

twisted her own hand to grab Alice's wrist even tighter and snapped


Alice bellowed.

sound of cracking bones signified that her

"Rachel Bennet!"

Jack growled.

The policemen's faces darkened.

would attack others in front of them! The faint suspicion

let go of Alice's wrist, glaring

turned to the police and asked, "Sir, you saw what just happened, right? She

That's excessive use of self-

policemen walked

it would bring shame to his honor as a police officer! Rachel wore a faint smile as Andy stood in front of her with open

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