Captivation: Want Nothing But You

Chapter 5: Back To The Yu Family 

"What's wrong, Viola? Have you forgotten about me because you haven't seen me for a long time?" Rachel asked.

Viola Lyons swallowed hard nervously.

For some reason, her feet felt cold.

"Mi-Miss Rachel, you're back," she stammered.

Rachel took a step forward.

"That's right.I'm back, and I'm staying this time.Viola, go clean up my bedroom."

Viola lowered her gaze and pursed her lips, unable to respond.

‘'Her bedroom?'’ 

Rachel didn't have a bedroom in this house anymore.Alice had already occupied her old bedroom.

However, Viola didn't want to say that out loud.If this had happened in the past, she wouldn't have hesitated to say it.

However, it looked like Rachel had changed so much.

She had become a terrifying woman, and Viola was so scared of her that it felt difficult to breathe.

"Who's home right now?"

Rachel looked around and saw that the garden's layout hadn't changed in the past two years.

Everything was the same as before.

"Your father, his wife, and Miss Alice are all here," Viola replied.

"Great! That saves me the effort of looking for them" Rachel said as she walked through the front yard and entered the house.

Inside the living room.

"Mom, which one looks better on me? This one or the previous one?" Alice asked, fiddling with the diamond necklace around her neck.

"Silly girl, the other one is more expensive.You're going to attend Mr.Sullivan's banquet, so you should wear something more expensive."

The middle-aged woman grabbed the necklace on the table.

It was embedded with a sapphire, and it looked more expensive and exquisite.

Gently, she put it around Alice's neck.

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Alice snorted with disdain.

of his house, and you have nowhere else to go.Do you think you can come back and live here just because you hired a lawyer? No way! Get the hell out of here! You're not

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"How dare you?"

Alice lost her temper.

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