"Miss Smith, you're pregnant.’’ The doctor's words were like a thunderclap, making the sleepy Nora Smith's eyes widen suddenly


How could this be?! Although she was nineteen years old, she had never been intimate with anyone of the opposite sex! However, the doctor handed her the medical report.

"You're already in your fourth month of pregnancy.You're not in good health, so you won't be able to surgically induce labor.You can only choose to give birth to the child."

Nora returned home in a daze.

After Nora's father gave her a stern scolding, he searched the surveillance cameras, only to find that four months ago, she was indeed staying at home obediently due to poor health, and hadn't gone out at all! However, outsiders didn't believe it.

Everyone secretly mocked her: "Her belly is already so big, yet she's still giving excuses and saying that she didn't stray with some man.The Grays are so pitiful.Why do they have to be engaged to such a person?!"

"She's fat and ugly from the start, and neither is her family background very good.It was a few lifetimes’ worth of blessings that she could climb the social ladder by having a connection with the Grays.Now that she’s gotten herself pregnant before the wedding, surely the Grays will break off the engagement, right?"

Amid all the speculations, Anthony Gray paid the Smiths a visit.

At that time, Nora's belly was already bulging.

At eight months of pregnancy, her belly was big enough to cover her toes.

In the study, Nora's father asked cautiously, "Anthony, are you thinking of breaking off the engagement?"

Anthony gave an unexpected answer: "...No, my grandfather refuses to!"

The Grays were a top-class rich and powerful family while they, the Smiths, were just middle-class.

Even if they took the opportunity to break off the engagement, no one would be able to criticize the Grays for it.

By refusing to break off the engagement, what were they after? The more Anthony thought about it, the angrier he became .

He cursed irritably, "The sight of her pig-like face already disgusted me from the start, and now she's even pregnant with some guy's child.Why should I be the hero to take over the responsibility?"

Nora's father immediately said, "Don't worry, Anthony.I'll send the baby away immediately after she gives birth!"

Nora, who had kept quiet this whole time, suddenly raised her head.


In the past few months, she had gone from hesitating to being at a loss, and then to a state of reluctantly accepting reality.

She could feel her child's heartbeat more and more clearly as each day passed, and she had already long since developed feelings for it.

The child was innocent.

They mustn't abandon it.

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