The photo, which was taken half a year ago, was just a snapshot taken during one of Anti’s surgeries.
The subject wore a surgical cap, and their body was wrapped tightly all around.All one could tell was that it was a slightly chubby woman.
She was looking down, her cat-like eyes slightly downcast with a focused and serious look in them.
Those eyes look a little familiar...
Justin quickly dismissed the thoughts in his mind.
The physique of the woman next door didn't match.
It wasn't her.During this time, Mrs.Lewis was chasing Nora to bed.
"Nora, because of your poor health, you usually need more sleep than others.You're not allowed to stay up anymore...
Nora stretched and said in a slightly hoarse voice, "Okay."
Although she had recovered, her constitution was weak, and she had little energy.
She needed a full twelve hours of sleep every day.
When she was living abroad, her aunt had even nicknamed her the Queen of Sleep because if nothing happened, she could just sleep for three days and three nights straight...
The next day, she was woken up by the phone.
She picked up the call with her eyes closed.
Angela's voice reached her.
"Have you given the matter about the company any thought?"
"Not really”
 In a charitable tone, Angela said, "How about this we'll both take a step back.I give you half a million, and you transfer the company to me.Surely you're satisfied now?"
Nora turned over and found a comfortable position, but still did not open her eyes.
Idealian Pharmaceuticals’ annual net income approximated $5,000,000.
All the money had been handed to her nominal guardian, Henry Smith, during all these years.
Although the money wasn't much, her mother's company wasn't to be given away so thoughtlessly! Angela continued sarcastically.
"Does your aunt's savings even amount to $100,000 after she's worked so hard for so many years? That's $500,000 we're talking about.You! ve probably never seen that much money in your life, right ? The presidential suite cost $100,000 per night.Moreover, worried that Cherry would be uncomfortable in her lodgings before they found a house, her aunt had straight-up booked a one-month-long stay.”

Indeed, she had never seen such a pittance.
Seeing that she still wasn't speaking, Angela changed her strategy.
"Nora, you may not know this, but that company isn't making any money at all, and is close to bankruptcy.If you transfer the company to me, there may still be a chance to turn the losses into profits"
Nora thought, Ha ha ha.
Angela went on.
"It's a pharmaceutical company.Trash like you that didn't even go to school undoubtedly know nothing about it.I'm a high-achieving medical student, and I've always taken first place in professional knowledge all these years.And, I'm even intending to apply as a postgraduate student at Professor Anti’s! "
Anti is the most amazing surgeon in the world, and they can perform even the most difficult operations.
They are a legend in the industry! However, they're very mysterious.
The Boston University had put in a lot of thought to invite them over as a professor...
"Why am I telling an idiot like you all this? It's not like you understand what I'm saying! Nora, I'd advise you to quit while you're ahead.Don't puff yourself up at your own expense! The company will only go bankrupt faster."
Nora knitted her brows, a little annoyed.
"...It's too noisy"
An agitated Angela demanded, "What do you mean by that ?” 
She threatened her fiercely.
"Are you feigning ignorance because you don't want to annul the engagement?! I'm the only one that Anthony loves, and what he values about me is also my talent in medicine! Even if I don’t get the company as a wedding gift, he'll still marry me all the same! Seems like you want to do this the hard way, huh?!"
Nora hung up decisively and tossed the cell phone aside.
Then, she hugged the pillow and fell into a deep sleep once more.
As for Angela's threats...
No matter what kind of demons and monsters they were, all of them could just come over and send themselves to death's door! After a full twelve hours of sleep, Nora finally got out of bed reluctantly.
She decided to go to some private investigators to look for clues to her son's whereabouts.
Nora changed and went out.
At the door, after a very perfunctory hug with Cherry, she slowly instructed, "Don't play games all day.Take care not to spoil your eyesight."
"Four kills, four kills! Oh, you're so stupid!"
Cherry's hand tapped away quickly on the phone she was holding.
When she heard her mom, she nodded without even looking up.
"Okay.Don't worry, Mommy, I'll take care of Mrs.Lewis.” She clearly wasn't listening at all.
Nora looked up slightly and added, "There's a very difficult person next door.Don't go out if you don't have to-"
Cherry's eyes immediately widened with interest.
"Is he a monster, Mommy?"
With Justin's arrogant appearance in mind, Nora, who had always been reticent in nature, said slowly, "Well, this monster is as beautiful as a woman and has a mole at the corner of his eye, but it seems that his brain isn't working very well."
"Oh." Cherry waved.
"I definitely won't go out, then.I don't play with dummies"" Nora laughed.
Then, she closed the door and got ready to go to the elevator.
However, when she looked behind her, she immediately froze.
At some point in time, Justin was actually standing behind her.
The man's tall figure made the spacious hallway seem a bit cramped.
His dark eyes were staring at her, and even the mole at the corner of his eye seemed to be exuding a bone-deep chill.
He was probably going out.
An assistant and a bodyguard followed behind him.
There were only the three of them, but his presence was no weaker than yesterday's.
Nora raised her eyebrows.
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