Just as Cherry was about to speak, Justin frowned and asked, "What kind of special methods?"

The tutor sighed and replied, "Pete was born autistic.He doesn't like to talk nor does he know how to communicate with others.If this goes on, it'll impede his development.I think you can consider either sending him to medical specialists for treatment or to a school for children with special needs."

Her eyes shone after she spoke.

Once Pete was sent to a school for children with special needs, he would be diagnosed as being mentally handicapped.

With that, they would be able to ruin his future! Cherry was confused.

That teacher was horrible! She looked at Justin.

Should Daddy agree, she would stop seeing him as her father and would get Mommy to save Pete from their clutches.


Justin's expression instantly darkened.

He retorted fiercely, "Pete is fine.He doesn't need to attend a school for children with special needs! If you can't teach him, then I'll find someone else! Lawrence!"

"Yes, sir?"

Justin ordered, "Settle her wages immediately.She doesn't need to come in anymore tomorrow!"

The tutor was shocked by his sudden wrath.

Justin was usually very polite to them, which made her forget how domineering a man Justin really was.

She had made a mistake.

She shouldn't have said something like that.

She should have taken it slow.

Seeing that she was out of a job, in order to complete her mission, the tutor put on a sincere and earnest expression and said, "I am the top domestic tutor in the States, Mr.Hunt.My advice is undoubtedly in your son's best interests.Since you refuse to listen to the truth, then take it as if I didn't say anything.I enjoyed myself very much during my time with Pete.Goodbye."

Her speech was very in line with what an exemplary teacher would say.

Justin's anger faded a little and he said, "Give her an extra half a year's wages”

 The tutor was ecstatic.Half a year's wages were a lot of money! Together with what that person had given her...Cherry, who was listening to them intently, was very satisfied.Daddy hadn't given up on Pete.

He was indeed protective of him.

However, he had been deceived by that teacher! As she watched the wicked teacher walk happily toward the door, Cherry's big grape-like eyes swiveled a little and she asked, "Daddy, am I a little bastard without a mother?"

Justin was taken aback.

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