Angela said sarcastically, "Did you not understand what I was saying? Unless it's Dr.Anti, the situation won't change ,no matter who you've gotten over!"

Scaring a patient before their operation, and making them nervous and full of distrust toward their doctor held zero benefits for the operation.Nora had come over intending to comfort her aunt right from the start.

At the sight of their pale faces, she was just about to utter the name "Anti"

when Irene suddenly said, "I trust you, Nora.Let's get ready for the operation.’’ Nora paused.

Angela said sharply, "What a fool.Are you also in a hurry to die?’’ 

Lisa became even more nervous.


Irene gave her a wry smile and said, "How many doctors have your father and you approached for this operation? No one dares to do it because none of them wants to be held responsible.It's hard no matter who does it anyway, so why bother so much about who the operating surgeon is?"

She would take the risk.

And see if God also thinks that this should be the end of her life.

She looked at Lisa and Will and said, "Remember this, Will, Lisa.No matter whether the operation succeeds or not, this is what I've chosen.It has nothing to do with Nora’ Nora lowered her gaze, her heart warmed.The door to the ward opened and a nurse came in.

"Mrs.Black, we'll be transferring you to the operating room now.Outside the operating room.After waiting for Irene to be transferred into the operating room, Nora decided to head off to make pre-operation preparations.However, the moment she turned, she heard Angela's voice.

"Where are you going, Nora? I get it now.You must be having a guilty conscience, so you're too scared to face what's going to happen, right? You're afraid that the Blacks will blame you for Aunt Irene's death when the hospital staff brings her dead body out later! "You can't go! You have to stay here and take responsibility for Aunt Irene’s life!"

Nora paused and slowly said, "I have something on"

Angela scoffed and said, "What do you have that's more important than Aunt Irene's life? Why are you so cold-blooded?"

Will, who was listening to the conversation between the two, clenched his fists.

His eyes were filled with fierce disappointment.

No matter whether the operation succeeded or not, he wasn't going to cast any blame on Nora.

But as his wife's most beloved niece, couldn't she even stay with her during the surgery? At this time, a nurse came up and said, "Can I get her family members to sign the medical liability waiver form, please?"

the surgical consent form and

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Angela was extremely satisfied.

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Will's eyes turned red.

"I've misunderstood you, Nora!"

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