If her memory was serving her right, the first time they met, he had warned her to stay away from his son.When they were at the movies the day before, he had also given her another warning.

Was the man suddenly out of his mind? Seeing her surprised, a somewhat uncomfortable look came over Justin's face.

In order to get close to him, that woman had done everything possible to get Pete's approval.

Therefore, she would never miss this opportunity! He was just thinking about it when he saw Nora casting her eyes downward coolly.

"You must be mistaken, Mr.Hunt.I’m not a childcare teacher.Neither do I have any fantasies about you." Justin paused.

Nora took a step forward.

With a momentum that didn't lose out to his in any way, she said, "Also, if the hospital really wants to hold me accountable, please contact my lawyer”

 After saying that, she covered her mouth, yawned, leisurely walked past Justin, and left the operating room.

She was already on the verge of falling asleep.

How would she possibly have the time to play with a kid? The most important thing now was to hurry back home and sleep! Even Justin didn't have the right to detain people at will.

If he couldn't find Anti, then the only thing he could do was release them.

In the car back to the hotel, Lawrence complained, "Can Anti be an eel? Why is she so slippery? How did she get out when I was obviously standing guard outside?"

Justin, who was in the back seat, replied, "There are three possible explanations.

One, our intel was wrong and Anti is blond.

Two, Anti has very good moves and managed to escape, but this is unlikely.”

"Yes, we surrounded the area very securely.Unless the hospital has an underground tunnel or she can fly, there's no way she can get out."

Then, Lawrence asked, "What's the third possibility?"

Justin kept quiet.

Then, he turned and looked outside the car and slowly said, "Nora Smith is Anti."

The corners of Lawrence's lips spasmed a little.

"Compared to that, I'd rather believe the second one.We've already thoroughly investigated Miss Smith.Someone who has never even gone to school can't possibly be Anti.Speaking of her, though, it turned out that she was the one that emailed Anti.That was why Anti had come.No wonder she was always so calm whenever her aunt's surgery was mentioned.As it turned out, it was because she had total confidence..."

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