Dark Secrets of the Blind Husband

Chapter 948 Forming a Scheme 

“Sebastian is manipulating you… trying to drag the entire Weiss family into this…”

“Well, I’ll admit that he’s playing his cards well.”

Alain snorted, “But I don’t want to be part of this chaos!”

Turning to Yolanda, he continued, “I have already made my stance clear to Damien today. Whatever he plans to do to Sebastian, the Weiss family will not intervene!”

Yolanda’s lip grew thin as she gazed up at Alain, her eyebrows knitted. “Dad…at the end of the day, Sebastian’s my younger brother. He’s also your son…”

“If something were to happen to him, would you just stand by and do nothing?”

“I will handle it.”

Alain snorted with derision and spat, “I will take care of his funeral!”

“I have dedicated my entire life to the Weiss family, and having a son with such ambitious and unscrupulous methods is simply disgraceful!”

Leveling a cold glare at Yolanda, he added, “Pull yourself together and find a husband who can handle business!”

Yolanda bit down her lower lip. “Actually, I had found one before…”

“Just that…”

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