She counted until he reached his car. He did not turn back.

Olivia lay forgotten on the ground, unmoving. Although the side effects of the treatment had reduced significantly, her body still felt weak. The hard fall felt like it had broken her bones.

Brent and the rest were with Ethan. Madam Burgess used to be around, but she left. Now the house was empty.

Snow fell from the sky, and cold wind came from all directions. Her hands and feet were frozen.

She thought, “Someone please help me.”

Her bag was not far from where she was, but she could not turn over and reach for it.

She could only stare at the snowflakes floating in a cruel ballet in the sky. Tears slowly fell from her face as she whispered, 885, 886…”

strength to stand. She used one hand to support herself

  1. up.

couldn’t raise the arm she used to catch

must be cold. Are you going to the hospital alone? It’s getting late. You should be careful. You should have someone with you. You’re a beautiful lady. There have been a lot of stories in the news about ladies like you going missing.” The driver warned her when he

the heater in the car. She watched the scenery outside the window rapidly passing by. Her mouth curled into a smile as she said, “Thank you, sir, but

didn’t have any

was done with work. She had been waiting

familiar face when

white coat and his head down. His face looked even

backed out now. Keith lifted his head while she was deliberating

eyes behind the glasses became more vibrant at the sight of her. Then,

would come and see him this late. He rushed over quickly. “Is

hands were numb,


on Keith’s face changed the moment he heard that the arm with the mediport was hurting. “Quick, let me see. You studied medicine

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