Chapter 1224

There was dead silence in the room where Molly rested in Yale's embrace.

"Yale, what did Vanessa tell you? Can't you tell me about it?"

He gave her a light pat on the shoulder.

"Nothing.Why didn't you tell me how much you suffered before this?"

If it hadn't been for Olivia's reminder, he wouldn't have asked someone to look into what Molly did to get pregnant.

Molly always brushed him off that she was taking supplements for her health.

Little did he know, those casual words had hidden the hellish experience she went through.She smiled happily.

"It's already in the past.Look, I'm just fine.Besides, I just want to give birth to your baby."

She nuzzled his chest like a kitten.

"If I can bear your baby, I won't have any regrets in this life.Don't blame me, Yale."

nothing I can

He sighed helplessly.


wondrous to think that our baby

"I am."

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couldn't mask the sorrow from his face

something about our baby? You don't have to keep it from me.If it wasn't about our baby, you would've told me about it.Yale, we promised.No secrets.No matter what happens, we have to be honest with each other.Are

soft voice, her words caused him to

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he cherished their days

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sighed deeply and said, "Yes, we can't keep the baby.Or both


poisoned when you were young.The poison shortened

Molly's lips parted.

because of the poison that I can't keep the

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