When they got back to her room, Olivia was still thinking about Jack.

But Ethan was clearly thinking about something else.

"Is there no news about Jack yet?" Ethan snapped back to his senses.

"What did you say?" Olivia held his hand and declared, "I don't like Wayne, not even a little." Looking at Olivia's determined gaze, Ethan sighed.

"I know.

I'm just..." Ethan was just insecure.

Since the day he met Olivia, he knew that she was a great and talented woman.

She would be the center of attention no matter where she went.

In the past, he tried to hide her at home so no one could see her.

He made her light grow dim when he decided to make her his personal property.

No one else saw how special she was after that.

He was the one who lost her.

When she returned to his world again, she began to shine even brighter than before, but their relationship could never go back to what it used to be.

Olivia knew that Ethan was a very possessive man.

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"Alright, Liv.

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"Don't worry.

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