Jacqueline heard the commotion and rushed to the room.

"Sean, what's going on?" Olivia kept a safe distance from Sean.

"Ms. Jacqueline, stay away from him.

He's not mentally stable.

He might hurt you." "Why is he acting this way?" "Ms. Jacqueline, I received news of Mr. Fordham Senior a while ago.

I can't contact Mr. Avery because he's on the plane, and Mr. Troy has just finished his surgery.

Mr. Sean is the only person who can make the final call in the family, s-so I told him." "Did something happen to Grandpa?" Jacqueline was shocked.

"He found out what's going on within the family and had a heart attack...

He passed away on the spot." "Nonsense! He's fine! I'm going to rip off that mouth of yours!" Sean grabbed a slipper nearby and hurled it at Morgan.

Alarmed, Morgan pulled Jacqueline away.

"This is bad! Mr. Sean has lost his mind!" "Leave us for a moment.

I'll look after him.

This bombshell is too much of a shock for him.

"No, this is


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He can't walk.

Olivia called Willow over

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"I'm so scared.

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