Although it was supposed to be their family matter, Jacqueline didn't know why she felt anxious as the clock ticked by.

Henley didn't have an inkling of her thought.

The sense of defeat was wearing him down.

He lost.

The meticulous plan he devised failed in the end.

To Henley, David only seemed to be wielding his power in front of him like a winner.

Emery and Sawyer came to the scene not long after.

They were relatively calm as they didn't share the same notion as Henley.

1 Even though they didn't share the same mother, David was still their half-brother! There was no reason for them to go against David.

2 "David, are you alright?" said Emery.

"I'm glad you're alright, David," Sawyer greeted.

After small talk, they finally noticed Linus, who hadn't left the room.

"Isn't he..." "This is Mr.


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everyone here because of a family matter." Even though the two brothers were curious about the reason for Linus' visit, David was able to keep the situation

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Forget it.

guys should distribute Dad's assets while everyone is around." "Us? What do you mean, David?" Emery

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