Get Me Married

Get Me Married By Tori Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Father in-law’s tension

him already I see” she said and I looked away shyly. “Marriage, you can handle it. I trust you are strong, you have overcome till this point, I know you will do great in marriage” she smiled at me. “I love you Mom” more tears came out of my eyes as I spoke to her. LEONA “The call between them went very well” I said to my husband and just as usual, he said nothing and concentrated on what he was doing with his phone. “He believes he is talking to Samantha and it became clear to me how much he loved that girl but in another world, I believe Jordan and Genesis could have made a perfect match” I added and the car remained silent. “You spied on their call?” he asked me and a girlish grin came to my face. “What? I had to make sure neither of them would say anything that might ruin my entire plan” I explained why I had to bug my daughter inlaw’s phone. It was supposed to help me intervene between their calls when something was going to ruin my plan.  “Whatever Leona. Just get this done and over with” he replied the moment the car stopped. We alighted from the car and made our way to the entrance of our in-law’s house. Liam wanted to see the said girl Jordan would be getting married to in person so he had made me put aside all I was doing to come with him. I personally asked the security guards to stay behind so we wouldn’t make the Connor’s feel intimidated. I pressed the door bell and waited for someone to come open it up and it didn’t take long, the door opened and revealed little Ava. She gave me a warm smile, grinning from ear to ear. “Good day ma’am and sir please come in” she gestured politely and gave way for us to enter. “How are you doing? Hope you are better” I asked and she nodded her head vigorously. “And your mom and dad?” I asked. “Dad is in the kitchen with t_squad and mom is with Genesis. Let me get them” she said and ran off even before I could say anything. And then she ran back just as immediately. “Please make yourself at home and have a seat” she said and ran off again shouting blue eyes. Making me smile whole heartedly. I took her advise and made my way to the couch and so did Liam. “The man is in the kitchen” he grumbled and I glared at him. “And what’s wrong with that?” I asked begrudgingly and he went mute. “Not all men are like you, he loves his family” I added and Liam immediately shot daggers at me, making me go  mute immediately. “And I don’t…right?” he asked and my lips twitched, I had something to say to him but I wasn’t sure I should. He was my husband and still Liam Connor who was feared and he was feared for a reason. Moreover I wasn’t sure that we were at the right place for such a discussion. “Whatever, just make sure the girl you want him to marry would not turn him to a puppet who would be in the kitchen like her father” he said coldly and it was my turn to glare at him. “Ava….hot cookies that might possibly run out and…..” Mr Connor stopped half way when he saw us and a wide smile spread across his face. “I’m so sorry for this.. I didn’t know you were here” he apologized and handed the tray of cookies he held over to a girl beside him. Then he came forward and his eyes widened when he recognized my husband. As a man he did his possible best to acknowledge my husband and went further to ask us what he could offer us. “Your daughter…..where is she, I have things to do” my husband said coldly. “I am here…right here” Genesis yelled and came out in a haste. “Mom Leona” she shrieked and I smiled widely, she was literally glowing and I could guess exactly why. I got up and pulled her into a hug, I couldn’t have asked for a better wife for my son, I just loved her. When I pulled away I turned to my husband who looked dumbstruck at the sight of Genesis. “That’s my husband…..” “Liam Chase, I know…” Good day sir” she said excitedly interrupting me. I turned to Liam and saw the way he suddenly looked dumbstruck. Liam got up from the couch, his eyes still on Genesis. I stared at the both of them and watched the way they reacted to each other. My husband tried to cover up his shock when he saw Genesis but I could tell something was wrong, something was different. And Genesis for the love of Christ did not quiver at the sight of the man who was feared by everyone. She stared at him straight in the eye and did not look away. “Are you ready to be a Chase?” he asked with his normal tone and her smile disappeared. “I think I am” she replied. “Being a Chase is not going to be the same as just being you. You have my name to uphold, are you ready for that?” he asked. Genesis looked away and bit her lips. She held her hands together and I could tell my husband was making her nervous. “I think I am” she replied again and that was not a good reply. Liam wasn’t the kind of man you could give such answers to. “Genesis Connor….this is not some boyfriend shit you do, this is a marriage to a chase..are you ready for it?” he repeated his question. Genesis still clutched her hands nervously, she was like a scared cat. “I think I am” again she gave another reply and I prayed fervently in my heart that Liam wouldn’t burst open in front of the Connor’s, she was to be married to our son and I expected he had to have a little control over his ego and anger so he doesn’t scare her away but that expectation was cut short. “You can’t keep thinking, it’s either a yes or a no. Being a chase doesn’t come easy and I wouldn’t want to think that I made a mistake. Now are you ready to be a Chase?” he asked in that dreadful voice of his and I felt like crying at that point. I looked at Genesis who was trembling. The house was absolutely quiet and tensed as no body spoke, neither I could talk at that point. After a while, slowly, Genesis looked up and stared at my husband in the face again, daring him. Her reaction shocked me, it was Liam, I couldn’t even dare look at him when he was slightly pissed but she stood there, suddenly staring at the man people feared. She overcame her panic attack and looked like she didn’t care about her soon to be father in law and his slight annoyance. “I think I am ready to be a Chase” she gave the same reply she had said the previous time and I gaped at her with my heart in my throat.  Liam tightened his fist and tried not to vent on the lady he came to give approval to. “Don’t get angry about what I am saying Mr Chase” Genesis spoke up, noticing the tension in his muscles. “I can clearly remember that I was forced to being married to your son, it was never by self will or by love. I am not ready to be a Chase, because damn…I had just five days to prepare for a wedding to a complete stranger. So no, don’t blame me if being a Chase is not something I had to be ready for” she added and I felt like giving her the appraisal of a life time. A small smile crept to my lips, at that moment I knew she could handle my son, no matter the circumstance. But I had to hide that smile to myself, from the look on my husband’s face, he wasn’t pleased though the hardness in his jawline softened with her words. He forced a smile, to the others, that was a genuine smile but I knew it was forced. Oh he wasn’t pleased. “Well said…well said. Welcome to the family my dear” he forced. Genesis smiled and glowed at what my husband said and the tension in the room disappeared. “I will have to leave, I have seen all I came to see and I have to return to work” he said soon after, giving me the hint that he wanted to leave. After talking a little to Mr Connor, he left the house while I spoke to Genesis about her wedding gown before leaving. I joined Liam in the car and we drove off. But I still felt the tension in his muscles, he was good at hiding his feelings but I understood him too well. “I don’t like her” he blurted out and my heart seized beating for some second. “What do you mean?” I asked panicked and he went mute, his muscles twitching. “Did you hear her in there, she….” “ she said nothing wrong, you can’t be angry about that” I interrupted him and his cold gaze came to meet mine. L looked away immediately, fearing his anger. “She looks like a girl who would go against my every word. Did you see those eyes of hers? Jordan will change because of her” he said and the feeling of disappointment over whelmed me. “I saw the look in your eyes when you saw her Liam….there is something more to this than you are saying” I blurted what I felt while looking away and he went quiet… confirming my gut feeling. But I knew too well that he wasn’t going to tell me what it was, and that was more annoying. “She is getting married to your son, you just have to

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