Get Me Married

Get Me Married By Tori Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Blue eye princess

“Please… please” my thoughts screamed. I couldn’t scream it out because I was being choked and I couldn’t speak. Jordan didn’t budge at all, neither did he feel remorse at some point. He didn’t stop choking the life out of me and I didn’t stop hitting at his hand.

At that point, I wasn’t so scared of having a panic attack, that happened when I was breathing way too much but in this case, I wasn’t breathing.

I was ready to tell him how sorry I was, I was ready to even promise that I wasn’t going to ever come to the right wing. I was ready to promise that I would never come out of my room and he would never see my face. I was just so ready to do anything so he could let go of me.

“Stay away…I am not going to warn you again, stay completely away from me or else….” He growled and I felt dizziness wash over me, I was literally seeing nothing but darkness at that point. Then he let go of me forcefully, just in time and I fell to the floor and coughed hard while I gasped for air at the same time.

“Jordan….” I heard Margaret screamed at Jordan and immediately ran to my side. I circled my hands around my neck, feeling the pain he had inflicted on me and gasped for more oxygen.

“The rubbish stunt you pulled with Samantha earlier today” his voice erupted from the door and my heart skipped. I was scared he was going to return to do something terrible to me. I literally crawled closer to Margaret for some sort of protection.

“Don’t ever do that again. She is my everything, don’t step on my toes” he said and with that he walked out of the room.

“I’m so sorry. He was no longer at the dinning when I got there” Margaret apologized and helped me up. I slowly and painfully walked back to my room and slumped on the bed. Thoughts of going back home came to my mind and tears flooded my eyes all over again. I was literally in a prison yard where I could be maltreated and mistreated when and however he pleased. And I could not tell anyone about it, how could I?

At that point of my weakness, my door opened and Samantha walked in with a victorious smile on her face.

“Poor little useless thing” she sang and I couldn’t even afford to glare at her.

“look at you now” she said

“A lot more will be coming from where that came from. Don’t worry, you will be out of this house the moment you know it” she said and smirked before she left. I felt terribly weak and tired, again I tried reminding myself what I was fighting for.

My phone rang at that moment and Margaret stared at me with concern. But I picked the call anyways, without checking the caller.

“My dear…” Mom Leona’s voice came from the other end of the line and I sniffed and cried more. I didn’t know why but I felt I could be myself with her, more over she was the reason I was

in such a mess in the first place.

“What is it?” she asked. Her voice revealed how concerned and panicked she was just like my mom would have been if she was the one calling. I cried more, unable to say anything to her.

“Genesis dear…you have to say something” she urged.

“Jordan…”I managed to say and the line went quiet from her end.

“What did he do?” she asked instead. But I didn’t say a thing, I couldn’t say a word.

me some breathing space, then she

wasn’t crying as much so I had more control of myself. When I picked the call, she stared at me hard, like she

he didn’t do that” she said angrily but I couldn’t say anything. The mark on my neck and any other place in my body was caused by Jordan,

“That ungrateful son of a bitch” she cursed and

pain, sadness, remorse, anger again, all mixed together made me completely

rang and I picked it up. It was a video call from my mom and I groaned. I ignored it but her calls didn’t stop coming in, it became so irritating and at

had reported me and it was funny. She was the one poking at where

all this. Why are you doing

“She deserved everything, every fucking thing. I asked her to stay away from me and whatever belongs to me but your little blue eye

I shouldn’t have

mother’s face softened and she stared at me for a while, like she was trying to read me then she smiled

carefully” she said more

“You don’t beat up women, she doesn’t

both plotted to decieve me and take away my

no…I was the only one who did the

to defend her. I would want to hurt her” I

you through Samantha. You love

Then she

and got up angrily before I smashed my phone at the wall. Everything they did fueled me but they didn’t just

I walked back to the master’s bedroom and saw Samantha laying down. I closed the door quietly and walked over to my side of

closer and placed her head on my

you okay?” she asked and I breathed in

I asked remembering she bad

I didn’t know what would have happened if I didn’t get the proper attention I needed at that given time because of…..” she paused and I stiffened. I knew what

my own and I can easily make use of it rather than

I simply

“But …”

grumbled and cursed underneath her breath. I sighed heavily, I didn’t want her out of my sight, I couldn’t

I get you more cars. They will solely belong to you and you alone. I can get you your personal

be fine but my business, my father’s company.” She

everything. Don’t just leave me” I

Weeks after.

my bed room. I was so famished. I took my bath and changed before I went downstairs

back?” Samantha was at the table as usual with a smile on her face. My heart leaped at how happy she looked

said and took my seat next to her. And just as she knew I

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