Get Me Married

Get Me Married By Tori Chapter 25

Chapter 25: pick an option

“sir, do you know who might actually be behind this?” The inspector asked me and I shook my head slightly. I knew I had a lot of enemies but none ever dared come to my house, they stayed far and could attack me anywhere and anytime but not my house. It was surprising that someone had entered into my house and by passed all the security and left with her without a trace.

“Did she have any enemies?” He asked and I turned to Samantha. I knew they were both enemies but there was no way Sam would have done something like this, she was incapable of hurting her that way.

“Who is she, is she her enemy?” He asked when he followed my gaze. I shook my head again and he sighed.

“Would you mind if we ask her some questions?” He asked again and I waved my hands at them giving him the go ahead to do what ever he wanted.

He got up from the couch he sat and walked towards Samantha.

“Who might you be ma’am?” He asked and my head jerked at their direction. Pain soared in my heart when she stole a glance at me and looked away immediately. It was difficult to explain the situation, I could not even think of how I would introduce her as the woman I loved when I was already married to someone else.

“I am a friend” she said with bitterness, I felt and heard the pain in her voice as she called herself my friend.

“A friend to his wife or Mr Chase here?” He asked again.

“Mr Chase” she replied and wrapped her arms across her chest protectively.

“Did you have a conducive relationship with his wife?”

“No…uhmmmm” she stuttered and I couldn’t help but stare at her. Something was wrong, I could sense it.

“Why?” The inspector asked and moved closer to her like a predator about to devour his prey.

“Nothing we just don’t relate. So I give her space and she gives me my space too” she added and I breathed in relieved.

“When was the last time you saw her?” The questions were beginning to cross some boundaries that should be kept away from them.

“When she walked out of the master’s bedroom” she replied.


“I don’t think your question here will help save her would it now?” I interrupted him before he could ask more questions.

“We need to be sure someone from your household didn’t do this sir” he replied and I groaned.

“No… no one would dare, just go look for her” I explained and ended the question section as quickly as possible.

He bowed his head and turned to the door without saying another word while a security guard ran to me immediately.

“Lots of reporters are outside asking for some information” he explained and I groaned loudly. The headache I was feeling already increased by a thousand and I placed my hands on my head as a way to ward of the nagging pain.

“Are you alright sweet?” Samantha came closer and sat beside me. But how could I be fine when so many things were going wrong at the same time.

“Go talk to the press. Tell them anything and everything that happened last night but do not tell them that she isn’t here” I said and she stiffened at where she sat.

“You want me to shield her” she said sadly. I could tell she didn’t want to shield her, to defend her as my wife was hurtful but I didn’t want to face the press. Without saying a word, she walked away and went outside while I went back upstairs to get myself some painkillers.

I went out grudgingly and everywhere stung of blood and dry blood, it turned my stomach and I almost threw up but I didn’t want to do that in front of so many people. Outside was messy and it was still being cleaned up while the cops looked around, searching for something that might be useful to them in their search for Genesis, it made me grin inwardly knowing my plans were working

It took a long time to get to the gate, knowing it was further away from the house but when I actually got there, reporters started taking pictures of me like they always did. I smiled a faint smile and hated what I was about to do.

“Who are you please?”

your relationship with the

“Can you tell us what happened here last

“Was there

here himself?” They all Immediately started throwing question at me, I didn’t even know where to begin.

at the press for that question because I was extremely happy but I couldn’t do that because that would

just happens and no

now, I still need to have some rest so bye” I waved them off and turned back towards

curved into a mischievous smile and my heart was filled with joy. She was out of the way, she was far gone and I knew that

I was about lying down on the bed when my mom called and I knew immediately that the

the call begrudgingly knowing she wasn’t going to

okay” she said and exhaled the moment I took up

Are you hurt? Who would have done this?” She started all at ones and I

am fine mom, I have no idea who would have done this” I replied her and just

have to pay for this. Poor Genesis, she might have been shaken up really badly” she added and my chest tightened at the mention of her name. I felt really guilty and wished that I had been

my demeanor and how tensed the

while I thought of ways of telling her that her daughter in law had been kidnapped by unknown men who still had not called for

she growled urging

simply said and

could tell she was understanding me very clearly with the fear

we still have no idea how it happened or where she

quiet and so did

She called out with

anything happens to her”

cops? Do you suspect anyone?”

don’t worry mom” I

understand. She isn’t used to all this, she isn’t exposed to all this. She is too fragile for all, God

your plan to get rid of her?” She asked and


her like this?” I snapped at her and she went

didn’t mean to, I am just so

worried too, I will find her” I said

what you have to

again, she was kidnapped because she was my wife. If I was married to Sam, then it would have been her, no matter how selfish it might seem, I was happy that Sam was not the one in her

into the room.

“It would have been you” I simply said

am just happy you are safe” I added. She gave me

she never comes back?” She suddenly

growled and

thought you didn’t want her,

that way. She is still my legal wife and belongs to me, whoever touches her has touched me Sam and that’s why I will rip whoever did this apart when I get them” I said without

hearing and it was my turn


and my heart dropped at the way it sounded in my ears. It sounded like I was a possessive husband

her to return, if you haven’t noticed this is affecting my name” I raised my voice

“It’s just about your name

about the name. When I said that, I wasn’t thinking about the name or

chaos she was causing in


but they didn’t budge. I realized I was bound to something and my wrist and ankles were burning with pain. I opened my eyes but saw nothing but blackness all over me. My eyes

“Hello…is anyone there? Who are you? What do you want?” I asked and tried freeing my hands but they

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