Get Me Married

Get Me Married By Tori Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Impending war

My head was banging by the time I got to the room. I felt dazed but I was able to find my way back to my room and I dropped myself on the bed.

Margaret came running with food and water and a lot more.

“Ma’am…you have to eat something” she said and my stomach growled. Then I remembered I had not eaten for days. I let my anger aside and iminediately got up and dug into the food that was placed in front of me. It was amazing how much I was able to eat, I believed I overfed because I ended up being stuffed.

After eating, Margaret prepared a bath for me which I obliged myself.

It was a hoi bath and resting on the bathtub was the best for me. I asked every other person to leave while I took my bath. I needed time alone, I needed space and more, I needed to think.

After what happened, I knew something in me changed, something had happened and I could tell that I wasn’t the Genesis that was kidnapped days ago and Samantha had a lot coming her way. I meant everything I said, I was not going to let her do whatever she wanted and do nothing about it. She had played her card, she had started the game and I planned on ending it. At the same time I prepared myself for whatever was going to happen.I couldn’t meet Jordan’s eyes. I felt his eyes on me all the while, but I avoided his gaze as much as I could.

I was shocked that Genesis had done that. Apart from the pain I was feeling in my scalp and the blood oozing out of my head, my mind and heart was not at rest. Jordan’s reaction was the next thing I feared. He remained quiet, he remained unresponsive and he wouldn’t say a thing. His face remained the way they always were so I couldn’t even tell if he was angry, hurt or neutral in the entire situation.

I wiped the blood in my face and applied some balms on my scalp since no maid accepted to help me. They were all at Genesis beckon call and I was left with myself and Jordan’s wrath.

His silence was killing me, I tried my possible best to think of what he would possibly do and at the same time I cooked up a plan that would help me escape the situation I was in.

Genesis was too blunt and bold about every thing, of all the things I expected, I didn’t see her coming at me that way.

“Ouch” I whimpered when I touched the part of my head that really burned with pain. He only glanced at me and looked away like nothing happened.

I wanted to know what he was thinking but how could I when I could only see his face completely void of any kind of feeling or reaction.

“I am fine mom” I said to mom Leona as she inquired more about me.

“I am sorry my child” I heard her sniff. She reminded me so much of my mother and how she would have reacted if she had found out about what happened to me.

“It wasn’t your fault” I said to her simply.

“Who did this Genesis?” She asked with a stern voice.

“What did they look like, who would have done this?” I heard the anger in her voice and felt happy that my new life wasn’t a completely loveless one. I had her and that was all I needed.

“It was Samantha ma’am” I said and she paused and remained quiet for so long, I wondered if she believed a thing

sure?” She

remembered everything that happened. I wasn’t deaf

“I am sure. It’s her”

she is going to get

will you do?” She asked me the question I was already waiting for someone to ask me in a long time. I smiled and already knew what I wanted to do

“I am not going to let her get away with this mom. Don’t worry about it” I said

how fast it was coming. She wanted a different

against Sam. I couldn’t even talk to her so I went over to my library and

Then my mom called again and

your house had the guts to kidnap your wife

house Jordan. Don’t make me come down there

you Jordan”

“If a hair as much as tpuch her again, I will screw you and that bitch together” she added finally

took a deep breath and tried my possible best to calm my nerves. But I couldn’t,

the library and towards the

up from the bed and stared at me. The fear that I could always recognize in her blue eyes was no longer in her eyes. She looked different and bolder and most of her colours already came back. My anger dissoved a little and I didn’t feel like

a while. My eyes roamed her body voluntarily

nod. Then I went quiet again, her eyes boring into

I started in the nicest ways I

“Don’t ever say that again” I said and her eyes snapped at

does that mean?” She asked but I remained quiet and just stared

bitch had me kidnapped and almost had me raped because she wanted me to divorce you

did not do that” I said boldly, challenging

too blind to see any thing beyond your love for her” she fired and

dare look at me that way. I am not scared of you, do

She is not capable of

out of my room Jordan” she said

“Get out Jordan. You and your bitch can go to hell if you want” her eyes widened at me. I stared

Two days after

a guard. Sam was also tensed and she tried talking to me but I still was not able to talk to her, not because I didn’t trust her

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