Get Me Married

Get Me Married By Tori Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The intruder

I raised my head up and stared at the cold eyes of Jordan. I swallowed hard and thought of ways he could possibly kill me. My vomit was all over him and my stomach still ached. He stared down at his body and stared back at me. His gaze was cold and angry and I found myself moving away from him while forcing a smile.

“Are you crazy?” He yelled coldly. My head suddenly felt like it was spinning and my knees grew weak underneath me. I braced myself to fall hard on the ground when I felt strong arms and felt myself being lifted from the ground. Jordan’s cologne was the next thing I perceived and I leaned into him as he swept me off the ground. The sweet smell of his cologne was mixed with the stench of my vomit on him but I held onto him anyway and felt him start moving while I had my eyes shut to stop them from spinning.

I felt something hard and cold underneath me and opened my eyes. I was at my bathroom and in my bathtub. My heart skipped when so many unpleasant thoughts came to mind and I struggled to get out of the bathtub but the pain in my stomach and the dizziness I felt restricted me. I turned to Jordan who was now taking off his shirt and swallowed the lump in my throat. I looked away from him and had all kind of scary thought. I tried getting up again from the tub but felt warm palms on my hands and turned to see Jordan staring at me with hard eyes and without a shirt on. My heart started racing inside my chest and slowly felt pains in my chest.

“Shhhh, I’m not going to bite” he said and went for my shirt. I pushed his hands away while trying to hold the different pain I was feeling in different areas of my body. He slapped my hands away, he still had that hard cold look on his face and that was what scared me. My breathing was slowly increasing by the minute, he was going to take advantage of me in such a state and he was scaring the hell out of me. He didn’t seem to care, he lifted my head and took off my shirt even with all my struggling. Then he had his hands at my back and tried unhooking my bra.

“Jordan….” I called out and he stopped and turned to me. I felt tears run down my cheeks and shook my head at him while breathing hard. I shut my eyes again and opened them, feeling the dizziness take over me. He stopped trying to take off my bra and brought out his hands from my back and placed them on the tub.

“I am not him” he simply said and got up from where he had squat. He turned around and I saw him pick up a towel and made it wet with water. He went ahead to use the towel to wipe off a bit of the vomit I had on his trouser. My breathing slowed down at the safe distance he had with me but I was still scared. A sharp pain hit my stomach and I cried. Jordan turned back to me and squat back to the level he had been before. He stared at me for a long time, without saying a word while I whimpered in pain. He bent over again and had his hands go around my body to my back to unhook my bra again…

“Nooooo….” I cried and he quickly moved away from me. He shook his head and walked out without uttering any thing to me.

I sighed in relief that he was gone and tried to get out of the tub but each time I made a move, the pain in my stomach tripled and the dizziness I felt became worse. So I just laid back in there, feeling awful and sick.

It didn’t take long and I heard noises. My eyes snapped back to the door in panic when I saw

breathed heavily but not until Jordan walked in behind her and was

you okay?” Margaret said and


walked out of the bathroom without waiting for me to say anything. I suddenly felt so guilty to think he wanted to take advantage of me. I was in a bathtub for crying out

in my defense, he had done so much to me, I had all right to think he could be

helped me back into my room. Jordan was sitting at the edge of my bed still without a

asked and he shook his head at her. She turned to me and smiled before leaving me with him. He turned to me, he had an angry look on his face like he was always did when ever he wanted to kill me. I was scared of

nothing to him, embarrassed at the way I had acted. He had a mistress who he loved way too much to involve himself with me. He would never want me or my body. I was stupid to think he would. But at the same time, thinking about it that way made me

where he sat and went to one of my drawers. He brought out some drugs and came towards me

drugs and I drank them one by one before trying to look up at him but he looked away from me the

turned around to leave. I opened my mouth to call him back, scared of staying alone in that room and also because I wanted to apologize for thinking he was going to take advantage of

when ever he wanted or whenever he laid his eyes on me. I hated that man and wanted to run from him. But he changed, not completely but he did. I smiled when I remembered the first time he had stayed in my room just to make sure I slept. My cheeks heated up when I remembered the way he had carried me into my room when I came back that afternoon and how he did the same after throwing up on

to kill me like he would usually do, though it was clear he was angry about it. Could

door opened and a manly figure came walking in, interrupting my thoughts. My heart skipped when I thought it could be Jordan. I sat up and turned to the figure, he was a man alright but in the darkness I couldn’t see him. My heart skipped when I took a closer look at the figure and realized it wasn’t Jordan. He was slightly shorter than Jordan and was fatter than him, slightly. It also seemed like he was leaping. What made me more scared was when he didn’t move or attempt to turn on the light. He just stood at the door

didn’t. Instead he walked deeper into the room and I got

are you?” I asked bravely wishing that Jordan never turned off the light before leaving. The stranger said nothing and walked deeper into the room till he was

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