How Death Became My Rebirth

How Death Became My Rebirth

Authors:Evelyn Florence
Num Chapters:525
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Chapter 526

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One could die for many reasons, but it was a whole different story for Cassandra Yates. She died in the hands of her non-biological sister, and she learned how her family gave excuses for her death when Kenneth Zelinski, a ruthless man who was feared by the entire city, asked about it.

In the end, Kenneth avenged Cassandra’s death by killing her family. How could she possibly know about it that clearly?

She was reborn.Granted, Cassandra was surprised to be given a second chance to relive her life, but not about the true colors of her family.

After all, she watched how they treated the fake daughter nicer than how they treated her even after she returned home 18 years later and how she had to sacrifice many things for the sake of the so-called family.

With the help of her aliases, Cassandra vowed to spend her new life wisely, away from her family. Nonetheless, they continued to harass her and even tried to harm her.

Cassandra took on a journey of revenge and redemption, and there was no better candidate to accompany her than Kenneth, the man who was already in love with her right from the beginning.

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How Death Became My Rebirth

How Death Became My Rebirth

525 Chapters

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