I become a SheEO After Dirvorce

I become a SheEO After Dirvorce

Authors:Vada Weeks
Genres:great love
Num Chapters:839
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Chapter 845 A Match Made in Heaven

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Zayla Vargas had been married to Simon Russo for five years. She loved him deeply and was extremely humble in front of him. Meanwhile, Simon protected his sweetheart but disdained Zayla. Realizing how heartless Simon was and that there would never be hope in craving his love, she came to her senses and quickly divorced him. Just as everyone was teasing that she would definitely regret it and her ex-husband was waiting for her to come back, Zayla suddenly inherited a great fortune. Her business grew more successful, and she became a billionaire. Zayla felt great upon the divorce, enjoying the best time of her life. However, Zayla didn’t expect her ex-husband to admit his mistake and pursue her in a humble way. Then followed many thrilling dramas. Her ex-husband made a proposal for the 250th time. “Honey, let’s remarry!” “Sorry, I’d rather be your uncle’s wife than be your wife.”


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I become a SheEO After Dirvorce

I become a SheEO After Dirvorce

839 Chapters

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