Chapter 34 The streamer was playing The Island. 

It was a very cute girl who’s name was Jasmine.

When she saw David, who was a king of Level 1000 and above, she hid in a corner.

Then, she stood up and lifted the pinkies of her both hands up. After that, she bent her knees slightly and said softly, “Welcome to my stream, Mr. Match. It’s an honor to have you here.”

This was a super big shot, so she had to entertain him well.

The cute streamer’s gestures amused David.

Money truly made the world go round.

David immediately commented.

“Jasmine, play the game well. If you win, I’ll give you 666 Super Rockets as a celebration.”

When Jasmine saw David’s comment, she was beyond surprised. If she won this round, then it would be even more worthwhile than winning a hundred times or a thousand times during normal times!

She quickly sat down and continued the game. As she played, she said, “Thanks for the support, Mr. Match! I’ll work hard to win!”

The audience who was watching this started spamming at the comment section again.

Match, you’re the

Match, you’re

incomparable indeed! The way you spend money is so out of the

skills were okay normally and she could win 8 out of

then her gift of over one million bucks would be gone. Therefore, she was understandably very

left, Jasmine let out a sign of relief. She should

so she quickly jumped to the other side,

boom, Jasmine

Jasmine wanted to

but now it was gone. Jasmine sat in front of


audience in the stream also expressed

that her skills were still okay. He was itching to play too so he posted


when she saw David’s comment. So, she quickly replied, “Surel of course, where are you, Mr. Match? I’ll go find

and the two of them formed a team to start a new round. The two of them landed in a valley and

would give David all the good

be honest, David was not that good because he did not

the two seemed to be very lucky as there were no

Jasmine successfully brought David to the

also the first

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