Chapter 4

After David finished his meal and was walking out of the eight-star hotel, he looked at the hotel entrance behind him. Pearl and a few attendants were sending him off while bowing. At that moment, David felt that the world was truly wonderful.

‘Who is Sarah Jensen anyway?

‘If I am willing, I can have a harem right now.’

What should he do next?

Of course, he should buy a house.

David did not want to stay in the dormitory anymore. There were four boys in one room, but now, only two of them were actively staying there. The other two were renting a place outside of campus with their girlfriends.

Moreover, he heard his remaining roommate was also madly in love with his girlfriend and was also planning to move out.

David initially wanted to rent a house with Sarah outside of campus, but Sarah refused no matter what he said.

When he thought about Sarah sleeping with Leo, David felt a pang of pain in his heart.

‘F*ck, I should have just used force back then. I let that punk gain all the advantages now,’ David cursed in his heart.

At this moment, David’s crappy second-hand phone rang.

He took a look at the caller ID and saw that it was from his roommate, Patrick Reed.

Even though he had moved out to live a simple life with his girlfriend, he and David were still very close since they had stayed together for more than a year.

Besides, the rent for the dormitory and the tuition fees were bound together. Even though he did not stay in the campus dormitories, he had already paid the rent thus nobody took up his spot in the room, so he would occasionally go back to their dormitory to play games.

David answered the phone.

“Dave, where are you? The three of us are in the infirmary but Dr. Shelton said you left. I heard what happened to you. Don’t do anything stupid, keep an open mind. Out with the old, in with the new. When you feel better, we’ll host a blind date to find a better person for you.” Patrick’s anxious voice came from the other end of the phone.

David felt comfort when he heard that. He replied, “Pat, what are you thinking? Why would I do something so stupid? Don’t worry. I’ll come back soon.”

“You sure?”

“I’m sure!”

“Tell me where you are now. We’ll come to find you.”

“Don’t. I’m already home. Don’t worry. I’ll be back in two to three days.”


“Yes, really!”

to go back and relax. Think about your family who loves you and us

not that stupid. Don’t worry! I’m hanging up

South River International Residence.

were the most expensive

price per square meter started from

course, this place was also in the

Residence was surrounded by the River Leeds. There was only one exit, while the remaining three


The smallest unit would be 200 square meters while

gathering place of the

be too embarrassed to drive

showroom of

Five to six salesladies were sitting together while they chatted. When they saw David, none

there were still unsold units because it was too expensive. A small

to view the houses. The ones who could afford to buy all them bought them in the past two years. The ones who could not afford

most of the staff who worked here since the start of the sale had already left. A lot of the sales ladies left

even hundreds of billions. They would be able to make a fortune with the commission alone. Back then, the commissions would be two thousandths and now, the new staff’s commission had increased

here because they

tell he was not here to buy a house based on his

awkward at this moment. The people chatting were clearly ignoring him and there was no one at the front

minutes, a young woman about 26 to 27 years old walked out

Ward started selling for South River International Residence last month. She only got in because her uncle gifted the boss ten thousand dollars worth of

make a fortune if she could come to such a

number of customers coming to view the houses over the past month on two hands. When the customers entered the door, the old staff would fight to welcome them. They did not give her any chance at all. Hence, she did not

man about her age standing in the lobby the moment she walked out of the toilet. Those old staff seemed to be ignoring him,

you here to view the

“Yes!” David answered.

Finally, she had a chance to bring a customer to view

of unit are

type do you

proceeded to tell David a bunch of information about the

units left. So, David did not have

chose a 500 square meter penthouse on the 22nd floor

desk and then they went to view

staff in the lobby began

clothes and he looks like a pauper to me. Does he know

afford one square meter. Only a newbie like Jenny would take him to view the

rural area and has no idea about the price of a house here. When

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