Chapter 11

David was eating the most exquisite food in his private room.

It was great having money.

This was the food that he never dared to dream about eating. Now, he was eating half of it and throwing the rest away.

As he was enjoying himself, the door was pushed open.

David thought Pearl was here, so he said, “Miss Pearl, come and have some.”

When he turned his head, he saw a man in his thirties walking over. Pearl was walking at the back while in front of him was a man in his forties or fifties. Aside from Pearl, he did not know the two men.

However, Pearl looked off-color and her eyes were slightly red. Therefore, David knew what was going on.

“Mr. Lidell, hello. I am the boss here and my name is Huge Greene. May I know if you’re happy with the food and service provided here, Mr. Lidell? If you need anything, you can tell me and we’ll definitely fulfill your request,” Hugh said modestly after he approached David.

He was very interested in David. He must be a rich kid from a rich family since he could take out 100 million just to eat and have fun. Plus, he was so young too, hence Hugh wanted to get to know him. It was not a bad thing to know more friends.

Hugh was a businessman, and the larger his network, the more opportunities he would have. Golden Leaf Hotel was just one of his industries. He was managing a lot of different industries at the same time, so there was a chance he could work with David or David’s family in the future.

“Hello, Mr. Greene. I’m very satisfied with this place.”

“That’s great. I heard you’re a top student at SRU? What a talented young man,” Hugh said respectfully.

“Yes, but I’m not that talented. I know myself better than anyone.”

“Mr. Lidell, you’re too modest. SRU is one of the top five universities in the country. Anyone who can study there needs to be elite in their respective industries. This is my card. If you need me, you can call me at any time.”

Hugh then handed a shiny card to David.

“Mr. Greene, I want to ask you something,” David asked when he took the card.

“Please, go ahead.”

selling this

was stunned by that

and Pearl behind him

you joking?” Hugh smiled and

If you’re selling, I’m buying. This is no joking matter,”

know that the construction of this hotel alone cost over ten billion dollars, and that does not include the land. Are you sure you want to

course! If you’re selling, just state a price. If you’re not, then

him by more than a decade. He could ignore the fact that David took out

who could take out a few hundred million dollars in cash, but there were not a lot of people who could take

of an invisible rich family? I think only these people can play around like this,’ Huge thought

serious about buying, it’s doable. However, I need to discuss this with our shareholders. After all, this hotel doesn’t belong to just me. However, I need to inform you

me as soon as possible after you get the answer,”

Mr. Lidell, please enjoy your meal. I’ll give you an answer later,” Hugh

also followed

wanted to leave, but David

I have

thought about it, and in the end, she decided to stay. She could lose her job, but she could not

buy this hotel, she was petrified. This would cost him billions of dollars and they were asking for

on their relationship. It was possible that

would sell the hotel to David and David could afford it. She already gave the boss a bad impression

took out his phone and opened Whatsapp. Then, he sent a

buy the Golden Leaf Hotel at River City, should we

someone named Earl

[Who is this extravagant

university student named

[A university student? Hugh, old boy, are you being conned? How can a university take out

think so

look like someone

Bill: [Yes!]

joking with you guys. I’m serious, are

depends on you. You’re

I want to sell but you guys refuse, I can’t

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