Chapter 1308

Harlan wanted to say something or beg for mercy.

However, he realized he could not speak and could only show terror in his eyes.

“I risked my life to protect the Milky Way from any foreign invasions, but you sons of b*tches have the balls to come to my homeland to try to attack my family! Who gave you the courage to do so? Do you want to ask if Nimbus dares to do this?”

As the aliens listened to David’s calm speech, even if they could not speak, they showed a terror through their eyes that came from the very depth of their hearts.

Judging from what David did and said, they had no doubts that they had offended the new Master of the Milky Way.

‘What kind of luck is this?

‘There are millions of living planets in the Milky Way and we went to the homeland of the Master of the Milky Way.’

These people cursed Harlan a million times in their hearts.

Would they come here if not for Harlan?

Meanwhile, Harlan was cursing Floyd. He even cursed Floyd’s ancestors.

he still could not come

did Master Pavan

responsible for the annihilation of

everyone at the scene and continued, “I don’t care who you are and I don’t want to ask who your elders are. You don’t need to mention them to scare me. I am the one with the supreme right to speak in the Milky Way. Now,

their horror, Harlan and the Stellar Ranker who reached his hand toward Sandy noticed


pain in their body and watching their body part disappear slowly caused them reach

their arms disappeared, their legs started to disappear as well. Then, their

heads were left, they were

heads and eyes that turned blood red from

ten seconds, the two disappeared without a trace

a speck of dust was

hunters from the Royal Region felt their scalps turning numb when they

could not handle such huge pressure, and

David, Harlan and the Stellar Ranked

were pretty bold. One of them dared to hurt Selena and the other dared

they had a pretty

David’s arms and yelled excitedly, “Dave! I knew you’d

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