Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 1299

It was like a shining, unpolluted pond reflected the rays of sunlight.

Even after being steeped in the entertainment industry for so long, her clean and pure aura remained preserved.

At that moment, a certain thought came to Oliver. Perhaps the script was merely a coincidence.

Fanny loved him so much. She couldn’t possibly lie to him.

Oliver felt relieved.

Fanny grew anxious upon seeing Oliver falling silent.

This movie was a major project for her studio this year, and a lot of funds had been invested in it. If it failed, her assets would be in the red.

No one was more concerned with the success of the movie than Fanny herself.

Oliver’s attitude toward the movie made her, the investor and producer, very nervous.

“Oliver,” Fanny called after he remained silent for a long while.

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