Chapter 32
Jonathan was somewhat moved by Roxanne’s determination, but he still turned to see what Lucian thought.
Lucian was merely staring at her coldly and silently.
Upon seeing that, Jonathan nodded at her. “Then I’ll take you to my grandfather. Please follow
She secretly let out a sigh of relief and tried her best to ignore Lucian’s gaze. She passed by his side as she followed Jonathan.
Frieda was still worried after seeing her brother bringing the young doctor upstairs, so she followed them too.
The three of them soon vanished at the corner of the stairs.
When Estella saw Roxanne leaving, she pulled her father’s collar to gesture for him to follow the woman.

Lucian looked away from the staircase and stared at the child in his arms. His lips twitched before he headed upstairs too.

Roxanne almost had a heart attack when she saw him suddenly appearing as she arrived at Alfred’s room.
“We’ve arrived,” Jonathan announced.
She quickly forced herself to calm down and followed him into the room
Upon entering the room, a strong smell of medicine rushed into her nose.
She swept a glance across the room and saw a big bed sitting in the middle of it. Standing next to the bed were a couple of people in white outfits. It would appear that they were the medical team specially prepared for Alfred.
The room was likely a dedicated medical room to treat the old man.
Just as the rumors suggested, the Queen family cared a lot about Alfred’s condition.
Jonathan brought her straight to Alfred’s bed. “Dr. Jarvis, if you will.”
Roxanne lowered her head and examined the patient on the bed.
Alfred looked pretty weak on the bed. He was so thin that he was almost just bones, and his cheeks were sunken. If he wasn’t lying down in a medical room, people would’ve thought he was a corpse.
The look in Roxanne’s eyes turned stern as her eyebrows furrowed tightly.
His condition is as severe as Colby described.
She examined him without delay. First, she held the old man’s wrist to check his pulse.
Jonathan was taken aback when he saw that.
If she’s doing that, it means she practices traditional medicine. It’s hard to believe she’s using such a simple diagnostic method on him.
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