Chapter 34
When they heard that, they were shocked.
They had met many famous doctors who attempted to treat Alfred, yet that was the first time they heard someone asking them to take off Alfred’s clothes.
Jonathan was the first to react as he asked cautiously, “Is it necessary?”
Roxanne glanced at him weirdly. “I’m about to treat Old Mr. Queen, and his shirt will prevent me from treating him more easily. Can someone help? Please do it quickly.”
Everyone in the room, including the medical team, exchanged looks with each other.
They had no idea why it was necessary to take the patient’s shirt off for the treatment.
Jonathan hesitated before gritting his teeth and stepping forward.
Seeing that her brother had relented, Frieda was panicking, “What kind of treatment is this? Why

Before she could finish, she saw Roxanne pulling out a quaint wooden box from her medical kit. There was a scroll-like item inside.

was taking off the shirt. Since Alfred was completely unconscious at

“Thanks, Lucian.”
Jonathan stared at him gratefully.
Lucian nodded silently,
When Roxanne noticed Lucian was there, her eyelashes quivered, though she quickly returned to her calm self as she focused on the needles.
Soon, Alfred’s shirt was removed, and everyone was able to see how thin his body was.
Roxanne had expected that. She asked the two men to hold the old man steadily. “Stabilize him. I’m going to start the treatment now.”
Jonathan nodded with a serious expression.
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