Ever since Madilyn was pregnant, Jonathan abandoned his business once again and became her full-time nanny.

Lucian had absolutely no objections, while Roxanne was displeased.

Lucian spent more time with the children every day than she did. In the future, they would look for him more instead of her.

Roxanne needed to reconnect with them and rediscover her place in their hearts. She needed to put more time into taking care of Seward and Noreen.

Without realizing it, Archie, Benny, and Estella had grown taller.

Moreover, each of them was beginning to make achievements in their lives.

Archie won first place in a national poetry competition and appeared on the country's most famous TV station program, becoming the famous genius child everyone recognized.

Benny, on the other hand, led thousands of expert technicians to build a defense system when foreign hackers tried to attack the enterprise network of Chanaea's key domestic companies. In the end, the defense stopped everything.

The government officials privately paid Benny a visit and awarded him a special medal. They told him to keep it a secret and that he could join the government's network security department when he was older.

Estella was incredible, too. As branded kid's clothing swept over the entire country, Snuggly became more popular. Many local celebrities' children wore her designs, which served as free publicity.

Even the organizer of Faulkay's fashion week sent her several invitations, but they were rejected by Lucian.
Ever since Madilyn was pregnant, Jonathan abandoned his business once again and became her full-time nanny.

Seward and Noreen were starting to learn how to walk. With the help of their older siblings, they picked it up fast.

During Madilyn's ten-month pregnancy, Roxanne helped out a great deal. In fact, Lorraine was not as experienced as Roxanne. After all, the latter had given birth to five.

The moment the baby's cries rang out, Jonathan, who had been waiting in the hospital corridor, was wild with joy.

His son was born.

Jonathan had decided to give his son the name Harper Queen, and his nickname would be Tappy.

With more children entering the world, their lives became more lively.

Jonathan and Madilyn even planned to give birth to twins next year in order not to lose to Lucian and Roxanne.

Meanwhile, Elektra slowly entered a dreamlike state under James' hypnosis.

It was what she asked for when she realized there were some fragmented memories in her mind that could not be pieced together.

The most puzzling thing was that she remembered liking James since high school when all of a sudden, her feelings were transferred to Lucian.

With the help of James' gentle voice, the scene from the past appeared in Elektra's mind.

Back then, she had invited James for a hike. She had prepared to confess her feelings to him that day.

That was because her family had arranged for her to study abroad instead of at a local university. If she did not confess that day, she would never get the chance to do so.

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