Anyway, Evan showed off his cards to his grandma and made it clear to Abby that he no longer had any psychological burden and could pursue the girl he really liked openly.


Evan said, “I just need to know your name. If I keep calling you a Fox, I feel like I’m scolding you.”

“My nickname is Fox. As long as you say Variety Fox, everyone will know me.” The Fox just didn’t want to say her name. “If you have the ability, just go and check it yourself. Didn’t you ask someone to check on me?”

The Fox seemed to be smiling but was quite upset that Evan could not find out her true identity.

The ever-changing Fox meant that she had a hundred different faces, so people didn’t know which one was her.

In short, no one had seen her true face since she came out to wander the world.

would appear in front of Evan with another face. Not only

she changed her face, her speaking voice would be different, so that others would not associate her

face was bruised and his nose was swollen,

some old-timers who lived decades ago.

can be said that our brothers grew up listening to grandma tell their stories. Our second brother is Callum, my eldest brother. He was lucky enough to meet one of them. Oh, my second

light again, thanks to Dr. Carden’s treatment. She is indeed a disciple of the miracle doctor. Once she

took advantage of her seniors,

doctor who treated Camryn’s eyes died, and the

asked Dr. Carden to treat Camryn’s eyes, the

be said to be entirely her fault but also the

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